TCU Flashing onBMW E85with INPA software

Here are some tips of how to flash TCU of BMW E85 (Z4) using BMW INPA software with a HQ K+DCAN cable or ICOM A2emulator (clone ok).

Car: Z4 3.0I with the ZF 6HP19 transmission

Purpose:want to test different TCU calibration files on my E85 (Z4)

All should be done via a K+DCAN usb cable running working INPA software

Which SGBD does the GKE211 use? 

For Inpa, its the GS19D.prg
Winfkp uses 10flash.prg

Here is a quick and dirty INPA script I wrote for you all for reference:


It sets the protocol to KWP2000 over K-Line and executes the IDENT job.

If it’s unable to use KWP over K-Line, it will display a large red box indicating so.

There are a few ways to execute a custom INPA script.

For quick and dirty testing, the CLI is probably easiest. c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload <path to IPO file>:


c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload c:\users\rjahl\downloads\gke211kwp_808.ipo

If you want to add the script to the E85 menu, copy the GKE211KWP_808.IPO file to the SGDAT folder and then edit the E85.ENG file in the CFGDAT folder.

In the [ROOT_GETRIEBE] section of the E85.ENG file, add two lines similar to the following:


[ROOT_GETRIEBE]DESCRIPTION=TransmissionENTRY=,,ENTRY=    GS19,Gearbox / Automatic GS19,ENTRY=   gsds2,GS 8.xx / GS 20,ENTRY=,,ENTRY=    gs30,Sequential Gearbox SSG,ENTRY=,,ENTRY=    GKE211KWP_808,GS19D Ancillary Diagnostics,


Alternatively, you could add a shortcut to the Windows desktop which runs INPALOAD.EXE and calls the custom script.

OK, done and working.

Techstream 12.02.24 download: crack, activated, no pass

Free download Toyota Techstream TIS 12.20.024 software crack

Free download Toyota Techstream TIS 12.20.024 software crack:
(It’s crack version. NO need activation)
How to install Techstream software 12.20.024 Windows 7:
1 Install the program
2 replace the MainMenu.exe
3 use this key to register
Techstream 12.02.24 is testing….
_Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-1 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-2 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-3 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-4 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-5 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-6 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-7 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-8 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-9 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-11 _Techstream--12.20.024-download-tested-OK-12
Tested with MINI VCI (item no.SV46-B)
Tested with MINI VCI cable (item no.SV46-D)
Tested with Mangoose VCI (item no. SV46-C)
Test result: Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 is tested successfully!!
with Toyota Techstream cables (Mini vci or Mangoose vci), you can customize your car;
with Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota,  you can not only have customization but do programming via WIFI.

How to install Toyota Techstream v12 on Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Fair warning: I would not consider this a good investment for someone who does not have a fair degree of tech skill, both when it comes to understanding computers (particularly manual driver installation and USB-based communications) and the Toyota TechStream software itself.

First and foremost: The mini vci cable worked perfectly well for me on a 2017 Sienna SE, using TechStream version 12.x.127(the current release as of the date of this post), based on a Lenovo ThinkPad T500 running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. However, in order to get to that point, I found myself using a different interpretation of the instructions another buyer (‘DuckDivesInWater’) provided in their review. I have no doubt the difference was caused by the fact I’m using a late version of TechStream.

PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below are based on a 64-bit OS. THE PROCESS FOR A 32-BIT SYSTEM WILL BE DIFFERENT.

1). Do NOT try to install the software on the CD directly if you’re running a 64-bit OS! I guarantee it will fail. Horribly. Also, my antivirus software (ESET Smart Security) threw a fit about several files on the CD being contaminated with a trojan. I believe this to be a false positive, caused by the type of anti-hacking application packager the device’s manufacturer (XHorse Electronics, out of China) used to bundle the software together, but be careful no matter what. Google search is your friend!

I will add that, after manually unpacking and installing the device driver, I had no other problems and no sign of virus or trojan infection.

2). Start by installing whatever version of Toyota TechStream you plan to use. Plenty of info on the Internet to help you out with that.

3). Copy the file “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi” from the 10.10.018 folder on the CD to a temporary directory of your choice.

4). Open a command prompt window and change to said temporary directory. Extract the contents of the .msi file with this command (be sure to INCLUDE the double quotes where shown):

msiexec /a “C:\temp\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi” /qb TARGETDIR=c:\temp\mvci

5). Once that’s done, delete the ‘MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi’ file so it doesn’t get run by accident.

6). Close your command prompt window. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86) and create a new folder under it called “XHorse Electronics”. Change to that folder and create another called “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS”.

7). Next, copy the whole content of c:\temp\mvci (or whatever temp directory you used to extract the .msi into) to “C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS”

8). Plug your Mini VCI cable into a USB port. Windows may complain that it couldn’t install the driver. Ignore any such errors for the moment.

9). Open Device Manager and locate the failed item in the hardware list. It should be easy to spot, as it will have a yellow exclamation point overlaying it. You’ll probably see it under ‘Other Devices.’ Right-click on the device, select ‘Update Driver’ and ‘Browse my computer.’ Point the wizard to the folder you created in step 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS

10). Note that you will likely need to do this twice, once for the VCI chip itself and once for the USB-to-serial-port translation. Point the second prompt at the same folder. Once the process finishes, you should see the two new devices in your hardware list.

11). In order for TechStream to recognize and use the Mini-VCI cable, you will need to add a registry tweak. Some Internet searching will probably turn up a pre-written file, called ‘mvci-x64.reg’ or you can create the file yourself with a text editor as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PassThruSupport.04.04\XHorse – MVCI]

“Name”=”XHorse – MVCI”

“Vendor”=”XHorse ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd.”

“ConfigApplication”=”C:\\Program Files (x86)\\XHorse Electronics\\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS\\FirmwareUpdateTool.exe”

“FunctionLibrary”=”C:\\Program Files (x86)\\XHorse Electronics\\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS\\MVCI32.dll”



“ProtocolsSupported”=”J1850VPW:1, J1850PWM:1, CAN:1, ISO9141:1, ISO14230:1, ISO15765:1”











12). Finally, run Techstream. Go to Setup | VIM Select menu and select the “XHorse – MVCI”

You should now be able to connect to your car’s OBD port and use TechStream just as your dealer’s tech would. Be careful not to change anything you’re not familiar with! It’s too easy to screw something up.

My thanks to ‘DuckDivesInWater’ and ‘JHood’ on the ft86club dot com forums.

Happy tweaking.


Real vs Clone Nexiq USB Link 2 Bluetooth

Nexiq USB Link 2 genuine and the clone, any difference?


Many talks about differences of Nexiq the original and clone. I have the original Nexiq USB Link 2 and the clone. Here share something with you all. Hope it helps.



Lets start with the most simple way to tell the difference, and that is the packaging. This not only includes what the product looks like, but the included accessories as well. Throughout this post, we will be posting side-by-side images, with the genuine Nexiq USB Link 2 on the left, and the china clone USB Link 2 on the right. As you see from the pictures below, the genuine USB Link 2 comes in a nice, hard plastic case. The image on the right is from the China clone, which comes with no case at all. The cables and adapter have been stuffed in the box.


We also then take the contents out to compare. The original device, again shown on the left, comes with the adapter (with all the stickers attached), 6/9-pin long cable, a special USB cable (Which we will discuss more on this later), along with some paperwork. The USB Link 2 clone adapter comes with a HUGE assortment of cables, covering pretty much everything. It also has loose stickers to place on the tool, along with a 3-disc DVD set


In summary, the genuine USB Link 2 will come in a hard plastic case and will only come with the USB Cable and 6/9 pin cable. The fake and clone adapters from China and beyond will come with a large assortment of cables, along with multiple DVD discs.


So far, not a huge deal. You can save $400, and not just get a cheap plastic box, right? Well, there are many more differences, so lets start with the cables and the connector on the Nexiq USB Link 2. Again, the image on the left is what the bottom connector looks like on the genuine adapter. The image on the right is the china clone.


In summary, the genuine USB Link 2 will come with a 26-pin male connector for the cables, while the clone USB Link 2 will come with a 15-pin male connector. Remember, Nexiq put an authentication chip in each cable, so how possibly can these clones be doing this? The answer is that the china clone adapters are simply Nexiq USB Link original circuit boards placed in USB Link 2 cases. We will continue to prove this point as we move on.


One thing that people may like about the China USB Link is that it comes with a wide assortment of cables — 8 different ones. The original only comes with the standard 6 & 9 pin cable, which is used on commercial trucks. The first thing we notice, is that the part numbers are on labels from the China device. Upon inspection of these cables, we find these are all cables for the Nexiq USB Link original, NOT the new USB Link 2. This further proves the point that the China adapter is just an original USB Link in disguise


The other issue is that the included 6/9 pin cable from the China clone is NOT the new green 9-pin that has been used in all model 2016 model year trucks. This means that this cable will not physically connect to any trucks built in 2016 or newer. Even if you had the correct cable, we have serious doubts that this China clone is cable of handling the new 500k bus speeds that use this green connector.


In summary, the USB Link 2 clone from China comes with more cables, yet they are cables for the original USB Link. The included 9-pin from China also will not fit or work on 2016 model year and newer trucks.


The USB connection port is also different on China knock-off versus the genuine USB Link 2. With the USB Link 2, there is a fancy clip on the USB cable to prevent it from being detached from the adapter. On the clone tool, we find that it is a “regular” USB cable connector, like you would find on a printer or larger USB device. On the USB Link 2 clone we received, this cable was actually very difficult to push in, and the plastic cracked a little when we did. Yet again, another reason to stay away from this tool and prove that it is a fake/clone.

The other important item to note is that on the clone/fake adapter, you will see that there is a hole in the bottom. On the genuine adapter, this is an actual button that you would push.



Now that we’ve explored all of the components, lets take a look at the actual circuit board inside the adapters. Again, we have the genuine adapter on the left and the China clone on the right. Without being a computer engineer, you can see the differences in the boards right away. The clone adapter is actually 2 circuit boards, with wiring in between, while the original is a solid, once piece circuit board. The clone version also contains no Bluetooth chip, so it is USB only.

the genuine PCBNexiq-USB-Link-2-Bluetooth-genuine-pcb

the clone PCB



We also thought it a good idea to show you the adapters side-by-side. In the first view of the front, you can see some noticeable differences. The sticker on the front, while the same size, has the order of the LED lights and also the size of the icons different. Both adapters will show the Bluetooth Logo, however the China version does not have Bluetooth built into it. The genuine adapter also shows an icon for an iPad and iPhone.

On the back side of the adapter, the sticker is a completely different size and much smaller on the USB Link 2 clone. There is also far less information, including the fact that is says “Made in China”, while the original does not.




In summary, we highly suggest staying away from the USB Link 2 clone adapters. Using a USB Link 2 clone will cause you nothing but problems, and just isn’t worth the hassle of saving a couple dollars. There are plenty of other RP1210 adapters that are priced less then a Nexiq USB Link 2, and are also made by legit manufacturers in the USA. The following is a list of things you can look for if you are thinking about purchasing one:

  • It doesn’t come in a black plastic case
  • It comes with more then just the 6/9 pin “long” cable
  • The connector on the bottom is a 15-pin female
  • The 9-pin connector isn’t green
  • The USB cable doesn’t “clamp” into the Nexiq USB Link 2
  • There is a hole at the bottom of the tool where the cable plugs in
  • The sticker on the front looks different then it should

Of course If you are a DIYer, the clone is OK for you. But you should have a HQ Nexiq clone. For cheap craps, forget it. You’ll get what you pay for. 100% certain.


Be careful to buy a Nexiq clone off


I have had several people having issues with all the lights blink and they can not connect any more, you can not get warranty on Chinese clones so you are out of luck. Also Chinese clones are made with much lower quality than the real Nexiq.

I have had so many support issues that ended up being bad Chinese Nexiq adapters that I warn customers that if they have a Chinese adapter, they are on their own, I don’t support them and Nexiq won’t warranty them. Be Very careful who you buy a Nexiq off of. TRVideo is a supplier of the real Nexiq and has great support so that is the only source I recommend (Truck Parts Today)
I have used it to program a new chip. Success.

nexiq-usb-link-program-a-new-chip (1) nexiq-usb-link-program-a-new-chip (2)



Real vs Clone Nexiq USB Link 2 Bluetooth

Ford IDS native installation on Windows 7

Can I install Ford IDS software (crack) on native Windows 7?

Definitely yes!

IDS works well on Win 7 family:

I had it working fine on my old works windows 7 machine but had to give that one back,  Got it on my own family windows 7 one too and no probs, and now got another windows 7 one for doing my own work stuff and looking to upgrade to windows 10 but holding off just now.

IDS V86 works well on Win 7 64 bit:

I tried to run a native copy of v86 using the same VCM, but directly on win7 x64

No problems, everything works sweetly.

Thread: Ford IDS native installation advice please

MrPhil Wrote: 

Hi guys ,

I want to install IDS natively on a fresh low level formated HDD to get rid of previous installation which would have prevent from having 3 days subscription.

The partition will include a fresh installation of Win7 + Ford ids + vcm manager, VCX drivers, Chrome and Adobe viewer. That’s all.

I tried installing v91 + v101 + deepfreeze but it didn’t worked. I got the 3 days notice. Then it went to 2 so I guess that deepfreeze doesn’t work on v101 (correct me if I’m wrong or I missed something)

I’ve seen some websites that claim to do it with deepfreeze on v98. Is this possible ? I don’t t want to waste another 6-7 hours doing another low level format + reinstalling win7 + accessories.

If not, I could use deepfreeze BEFORE opening v91 for the 3 days licence to get release and stick with v91. That way I would have a fresh licence every time. (What years does v91 cover? That’s my concern)

I’d like some feedback on what’s best .

Thank you for your time! I really appreciate it.


Deepfreeze works

Install ids, install calibration, run ford extender prog, run ids get 3 days, close ids, now configure vcx nano tool and update firmware and check it works, install deepfreeze, before reboot note the time , reboot, when rebooting go to bios and put time 1-2hours before the time you noted down depending on how long you took to install and test it all.

reboot in to windows


Like i said , Mine works in vmware and native so you don’t have to do it native if you don’t want.

Ford IDS Windows 7 native install:

How to install VCM2 IDS software without VMware:

  1. Set date in bios on 6.august 2015
  2. Fresh install WIN7
  3. Install calibration file 81
  4. Install IDS v86 driver
  5. Reboot computer
  6. Patch
  7. Reboot computer
  8. Connect VCM and start it
  9. Write you about licence to continue
  10. Pop up message about 3 days expiration licence,
  11. Close all & unplug VCM 2 diagnostic scanner
  12. Install Mazda IDS software 99 version


  1. Plug in VCM II and start the program to test for diagnostics/ programming.
  2. If all is ok, then turn off IDS, unplug VCM & install freeze software


Ford vcm2 ids installation FAQs:

Q: i get error that licence is out of date. but vcm is pound in pc. lights is on

A: This is because your version of IDS doent match you computers date!

try changing to the right date,and check if it works!

Q: How to know what date must be. tried to backup date 3 days. but same error

A: If you already installed IDS in your system you will find it hard to get any amount of days now in the same machine without reinstall windows unless use vmware .

Q: can anyone help install ids?share working one.

A: You will not find one to work on windows xp32bit unless you install native

However because you already tired in that Xp system , you will need to Wipe that HDD and completely reinstall windows to install ids again there, UNLESS You install only version 86 IDS

i think you should change your system to 64bit so you can use one of the many vmware that are in the forum or just install version 86 native where you are now

IMPORTANT TIP- especially for beginners

It is time-consuming for Vcm2 ids software installation. It takes 1-2 hour(s). Also, it’s kind of difficult to install ids for running no issues.

So, you can use VMware with IDS V101 like SP239 or SP239-W; the items comes with a CD with vmware + installed ids; that is, you DO NOT need install IDS yourself & avoid installation issues.

With VCM2 clone units like Ford IDS V101 (SP177) and IDS v100 (SP177-C, SP177-C1, SP177-C2), you need install IDS software on your own, shown as below

VVDI2 V4.5.0 download:

 Xhorse vvdi2 softwarelatest  version V4.5.0 is released and ALL USERS ARE REQUIREWD TO UPDATE VVDI2 software and firmware to version 4.5.0!!


Xhorse warnings

  1. All customers should update the software to V4.5.0, use the latest software to synchronize your device
    Update firmware v4.5.0 require the latest online update tool v4.5.0 version
    3. Please download latest install software first then update firmware

Xhorse vvdi2 4.5.0:

VVDI2 4.5.0 software download:

VVDI2 4.5.0 update information:===== VAG V4.5.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== BMW V4.5.0 =====

1. Improvement for BMW FEM/BDC key learn

2. Bugfix

===== Porsche V4.5.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== PSA V4.5.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== Transponder Programmer V4.5.0 =====

1. Bugfix

===== J2534 V4.5.0 =====

1. Bugfix

How to update VVDI2 firmware to v4.5.0:

1) Close other VVDI2 programs, connect VVDI2 to PC with USB cable

2) Choose VVDI2 firmware version from Firmware List

3) Press button Update Online, wait the progress end

4) If failed to get firmware list or get something like “communicate with server error!” while update your device, close antivirus and firewall programs, try again. Change your internet provider once failed again

5) DON’T shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while update device


Refresh Firmware List

Update Online Tool will connect to server automatically and download the newest firmware information. You can press flash picture button if there’s no display. After you get information success, will display current support firmware list, the software support by specify firmware and the mainly include update information

Device Information

After connect VVDI2 to PC and install USB drivers, Press button Device Information, will show you VVDI2 Serial Number, current firmware version in VVDI2, authorize information etc

Update Online

After connect VVDI2 to PC and install USB drivers, choose you expect firmware version from firmware list, Press button Update Online, wait progress finish (about 2 minutes) (Require internet)

How to update VVDI2 software to v4.5.0:

This function require internet support

Use “Menu ->Software Update ->Software Update” to obtain VVDI2 latest software version, the software version require firmware version etc (PICTURE shown as follows). Press Download Link will download the latest software

If there’s no display for software version, shutdown your firewall and antivirus programs, try again


While you use VAG, BMW, Transponder Programmer programs, if you get some window like (PICTUREs shown as follows), that means your tool have newest software released. Please download newest software with Update Online

vvdi2-software-firmware-update-03 vvdi2-software-firmware-update-04 vvdi2-software-firmware-update-05

Latest Update Information

This function require internet support

Use “Menu->Software Update ->Latest Update Information” to obtain VVDI2 latest update information

History Update Information

Use “Menu->Software Update ->History Update Information” to obtain VVDI2 history update information

How to install VVDI2 4.5.0 software and driver:

Step 1: Install VVDI 2 software

Open VVDI2 software folder

Install VVDI2-Insatller.exe setup


Select software language


Install VVDI2 Setup Wizard, click on “Next


Save file to C: \Program Files \VVI2\VVDI2 \, click Next


click on “Install


Install VVDI Device FDTI CDM Driver

NOTE: If you install VVDI2 software (any version) for the first time, you need to select “Next”, otherwise, select “Cancel


Device drivers are installed. click on “Finish


VVDI2 software has been successfully installed. click on “Close


Step 2: Install VVDI2 driver

Generally, VVDI2 driver will be installed automatically. If driver installation failed or programs cannot connect to VVDI2, you need install driver manually.

Manual Install Driver

Open My Computer-> Manager-> Device Manager

Open windows explorer, right click on “My computer” and select “Properties


Open “System properties


Select “Hardware”-> “Device Manager”, open Device Manager


Install Bus driver: Disconnect other USB cable from PC (Mouse and keyboard should keep connect)

VVDI 2 install with other version drivers: In select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”-> “USB Serial Converter”, double click on on it, get properties window:

click on Driver tab.: “Driver Date” should be 3/18/2011, “Driver Version” should be If driver date and driver version are set right, do not install driver again. If not set correctly, install driver with following steps.



Select “Driver”-> “Update Driver”. Open “Hardware Update Wizard

Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click on “Next


Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”. click on “Next” Sometimes you will get directly, at this situation, go to next 2 steps.


Select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, click on “Next


Select “Hard Disk….”, get install from disk window


Input absolute path for USB driver folder in install directory (Browse…and choose install directory, or you can find the path from Start->Programs->VVDI2->USB Drivers). Press OK and wait complete.

Sometimes system will ask again for “Are you sure to install this drivers?”, click on “Continue”


VVDI2 is not recognized: you can find VVDI2 (yellow mark) in “Other devices” list from Device Manager. Double click on get properties window.

Then install driver accord VVDI2 install with other version drivers.


Verify Bus Driver: Open properties window after install driver. click on Driver tab.

Check “Update Date”=3/18/2011

“Driver Version”=



VVDI2 software and drivers installation completed


Tech2win + Tech2 Opel PCMCIAV123-V182 Download FREE

Free download Tech2win + Tech2 Opel PCMCIA V182 V161 V160 V159 V158 V157 V152 V137 V124 V123 multi-language (English, Spanish, German,)


NO ONE BUT YOURSELF HAVE TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITY OF TECH2 BIN FILES & TECH2WIN BIN FILES BELOW: free, but not tested by professionals!!!!!!! unknown security and perhaps high risk sometimes!!!


Opel 161.002.rar (free, try on your own rsik)

Opel160.000 EN

Cadillac 117.500

Cadillac BLS 120.000

China-1 29.002

Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011

Isuzu truck 11_530

ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050


suzuki 29.003 eng



Opel vauxall v159 English

Opel Tech2Win 158.000

Opel tech2win 157

Tech2win PCMCIA Opel 152 Russian 

Opel vauxall 152.00 Spanish.rar

Opel 137.000

isuzu 107.021

nao 32.08

opel 137.000

saab 148.000

suzuki 28.007

Tech2Win version1.301

Opel – Vauxhall 124.000 English.rar

NAO 30.007 English.rar

NAO 30.007 German.rar

nao 31.011.rar

Opel – Vauxhall 123.000 German.rar

Opel – Vauxhall bin file Version 123.000 multi-language

Password for ALL:Patrian Automotive Industries

Good news for you!!!!!!! You have tested tech2 bin files, use with security!!

Tech2 + Tech2win:100% working

Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files: 100% working

software includes:

Tech2Win GM      English 32.007

Tech2Win SAAB    English 148

Tech2Win OPEL    English 180 (Cars from 1997-2014)

Tech2Win Holden   English 149 (Cars from 1999-2013)

Tech2Win SUZUKI  English  01.210.020

Tech2Win ISUZU    English  K line 11.53;

Tech2Win ISUZU    English  CAN line 107.021


GM-English 33.004 1991-2013

GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013

GM-French 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Portuguese 32.007 1991-2013

update to V180

OPEL-English 173,000 1997-2014

OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2014


SUZUKI-English 01.210.020


SAAB-English 148,000


ISUZU CAN BUS-English 107.021 2006 to 2010

ISUZU-K-line is for ISUZU from 1998 to 2011


Holden-English 149,000 1999-2013

For 12V CARs only (no trucks)!!!

Diagnostics: cars from 1991 to 2013

Programming with TIS2000: cars before the 2007 year

(You are taking risk when programming a car, so it’s 100% necessary to use a 100% working softwareTIS2000. For software untested, forget it. HIGH RISK!!!!!!!!!)


(solved) VCM2 clone Ford super duty F250 error “PCM is unrecognized”

Happy to share something of my VCM2 clone with my Ford super duty F250 6.7 diesel 2011.
When i connect the VCM up to my truck i get this error message:
The unique PCM identifier is unrecognized
Verify that the latest CD has been loaded onto the diagnostic tester.
Where supported, update the diagnostic tester with the lasted calibration files from
Non-North American Ford and Mazda technicians should contact their local hotline.
My model: super duty truck 6.7 diesel, the2011 year model
What i tried
start new session, dont select anything— FAILED
Use a never version of ids— FAILED
im using hanson2000’s vmware IDS 101.04 or 05
it’s a clone issue some are blacklisted especially on the never v. Of ids.
It worked!!!IDS v86.01 in vmware with c81 calibration. It let me connect to my 6.7 diesel 2011 super duty!! I was able to turn on regen and reset my tire and axle ratio!!!
Thanks thanks thanks!! To all in the MH community!

2017 Kess V2 5.017 No Wake Up Error

Usually, you have Wake Up Error with old Kess V2, esp. Kess firmware 3.099. But now, new kess v2 programmers hardly ever pop up “Wake Up Error” when reading kess software number.

Kess v2 without Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 5.017 (so far, no)

Kess with Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 4.036 (sometimes)

Kess with Wake Up Error:

Here is an awesome write-up of “Wake Up Error” solutions:

– Here are the files for Kess SD or TF card. Just reformat your card and copy the files onto it.

– Sometimes wake up error doesn’t mean your tool has problem, i use Kess original. when the ECU was tuned and locked. it will show wake up error too …

Please be specific what car, ECU you working with. its difficult to tell whats wrong here …

– Maybe conflict in drivers if you have other tools on your pc, try to remove other drivers,and reinstall only kess drivers, have work for me one time

– Firstly try installing genuine software 2.20 will be fine, once installed then un-install it! Use your software (no point going past 2.08/2.11) if it still gives wake error try removing battery in vehicle for 30 mins and try again, or in ‘tools’ slow the read speed down to minimum! if still no joy just take it out and do it on the bench!

* all above are customer solutions (credits to all contributors); no one but yourself should hold responsibility of what you’ll try.

* if all solutions don’t work for you, please go to (credits to professionals working for


When Xprog Unknown command. Software error,how to do

Xprog error: Unknown command. Software error

Solution: exchange your Xprog CPU with a new chip

Xprog-Unknown-command-(1) Xprog-Unknown-command-(2) Xprog-Unknown-command-(3) Xprog-Unknown-command-(4) Xprog-Unknown-command-(5)

Tools you need:

A working Xprog-m programmer

A high-quality Atmega64 repair chip

Note: you need different Atmega64 repair chips for different xprog versions you wanna update to.

The chip for the newest Xprog v5.70 and v5.60 is not available now.

It can be got with Xprog programmers only!

Xprog v5.70 here: