How to use Ktag 6.070 for Tricore BOOT

Ktag should be able to program with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols.

However, I have no luck with Ktag 6.070 for Tricore BOOT;

My way is to rework the board

Before rework:Everything working fine (BDM, Kline etc.) except Tricore boot

Connection OK, ID OK , begin reading ok , then jump when reading and finish with “error reading” (between 20% and 44%)

I try with SID807EVO , EDC17C54 and MED17.5.2, same error.

I use Kess V2.11 & Trasdata, same thing



The problem is crystal not murata


for fix or change crystal or add capacitors 22pf

crystal murata does not need capacitors

ECU EDC17c54 in Bootmode OK and write OK, Crafter 120hp drive faster , everything is ok


Ps. When searching info on the web, i found some said their Ktag from perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10). i’ll try next time.


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