V108.01 Ford IDS Full Software for Ford VCM II diagnostic Tool

Multilingual Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software is tested working flawlessly on win xp /7 32 64 bits with VCMII clone or original, and features in online programming.

Multilingual Ford IDS V108.01

Ford IDS 108.01 features:

Perfectly compatible with XP 7 32 64bits

Multi Language available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese etc.

Online programming is working great if you have online account.

Ford IDS V108.01 is tested working with:

– Ford VCM II clone (Best one)

– Ford VCM II original (search on Google)

Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software download, installation & activation:

There is no software cd and download link, after you complete payment, the supplier will help installation & activation with TeamViewer.

Then, where is good place to have Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software with installation & activation service?

You can go to

Ford IDS V108.01 Full Software is confirmed to perform these functions:

V108.01 IDS is able to download the latest calibration/software files from ford’s server if your internet connection is available at the time of connecting to vehicles. (Confirmed)

Read and decode fault codes (Confirmed)

Delete fault codes (Confirmed)

Display the system current parameters in digital form (Confirmed)

Combined displaying of data (Confirmed)

Logs Keeping: writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory (Confirmed)

Special functions: changing of permissible setting of blocks, programming etc. (Confirmed)

VCM2 firmware and IDS software compatibility

Topic:VCM2 firmware and IDS software compatibility

It works perfectly using IDS 96.05 with firmware from older IDS version. But even with changing the serial number, I have not been able to get it to connect to vehicle PCM with anything newer than that older firmware to use IDS 97 or 98 – Preferably 98.04 that came out today which still uses the firmware.

IDS 97/98 don’t support that older firmware anymore so I can’t use it with the newer IDS versions. (Additionally, I changed the serial before updating to one that I know is legit (actually tried a couple different ones), it will update and install fine.) But if I update the firmware on the device to to use IDS 97 or 98 it will update. It will show up in IDS as connected. When you actually go to use it, you can hear the relays click on as normal, but the unit will not establish a connection to the vehicles PCM to be able to use it.

Searched a lot…

And here, post what I did differently so others can benefit from my discoveries

1- Boot in recovery mode, reflash ford v86 ( if my memory is right?)

2- use the test mode hack and access the web interface. change serial number to a good one.

3- reboot in recovery, reflash (still in v86) to make the serial change persistent.

4- now I have a working Ford VCM2 with a good serial that can work in v98. but before upgrading, let’s put a hacked recovery firmware in it. re-enter test mode via test mode hack.

5-follow the steps cautiously to flash hacked firmware.

Now the device will flash to ford or mazda IDS v98. the device will not be detected at first (say you used ford IDS first). to switch from ford to mazda :

1- boot VCM in recovery mode

2- change device type using web browser

3- reboot VCM again in recovery mode

4- Launch Mazda IDS and reflash the VCM.

The same steps are used to flash back into ford firmware. I have not tried folder swapping and using a single firmware for both programs but I bet it would work. Because of the nature of my work, I can live with reflashing between both programs. they reside on the same HDD in a triple boot setup. the third OS is used for something else. I use deep freeze for my ford license works like a charm. Mazda doesn’t need anything done, only a valid device type and serial.

On a side note, I tested the device in 3 different win7 environments, and it just refuses to work in 2 of them. the ETAS driver keeps acting weird and sometimes detects an unknon device. on the 3rd one the driver is happy to see a good VCM2. Go figure… I setup both IDS programs in Win XP intances and it works fine.

Ford VCM2 Firmware Downgrade (customer solution)

Recently,OBDexpress has received some question about Ford VCM2 firmware downgrade,and obdexpress found the same problem in the mhhauto OBDII scan forum.

Here you are:

I just get VCM2 and instaled IDS v86 and when I start sw error I get that VCM firmware is newer then IDS sw.

How to do?a

Customer solutions from the MH forum:

Press and hold reset button after that insert usb to pc still hold reset button when you will hear beep after that release reset button.

If it does not works….

Try to use this Ford VCM II Software setup v2.1.119.3. I have Chinese clone Ford VCM II and working with Ford IDS v86, Mazda IDS v91 and with JLR SDD v138 with this software setup too. My VCM have no problem with update downgrade I had installed Ford IDS v95 after that v86 and no problem update downgrade. When I installed JLR SDD v138 I had to update VCM to this version and after that was not functional with Ford IDS v86 after installing this setup was all functional.

Ford VCM II v2.1.119.3:

(RUN v2.1.119.3 on a computer without any IDS or SDD

Start VCI Manager and press update /start

you can do this without press the button on vcmii)

When I want update or downgrade VCM I have to only connect VCM with PC not need connect VCM to OBD. I have installed this softwares on VMware each separately. Each with new clean windows xp. I have not installed newest Ford IDS v95 for example because I don`t know how to freeze system still after 5 days license k.o.  But I had installed this new version Ford v95 and worked this new software update without problem. I install V94 and after that IDS said me is new version v95 I downloaded it and it worked.

I am using V94, and I was told I need OSCH VCI MAMAGER2.1.119.3, NOT



you need to press the reset button on the vcmII WHILE CONNECTED TO 12V, then when you see all lights flash at once on the vcmii, you put to usb , wait for beep release reset button on VCMII and start VCI MANAGER.


SO IN ids 94, you can go to program and features and uninstall version , reboot and install

to install MAZDA IDS With ford VCMII”

I downgrade my vcm2 firmware to work with Ford IDS v86, and now ford is ok for me.

I followed a youtube video and I installed (on free IDS PC) Mazda IDS v88 (because I readed that v88 will work with same firmware as ford v86) . Changed Bosch VCI manager files from ford into mazda and now when start vcm manager ask me to update to newer version , but I not wanna update and skip that.

When start Mazda IDS also told me that must update, so which version of mazda will work with same ford v86 fw? Must I search for Mazda v86??

Note: the version software is unimportant , its the ETAS version that matters .

you use the SAME one across all JLR, MAZDA, FORD.


If clone Ford VCMII, USEthat etas version for your FORD, MAZDA, and JLR

Enjoy and good luck!

(BIG THANKS to laco210 and TizWaz)

Tech 2 scan tool deletes the F45/F55 option

OBDexpress customer feedback on Tech 2 scan tool deletes the F45/F55 option

Here, I would write up a summary and share my experiences of using Tech 2 scanner to delete the F45 option.

To delete F/45 you have 3 options: 1. spend $200+ or – on simulator plug-ins to go in the shock sensor plugs. 2. Install 10W 10 Ohm wire wound resistors (from Radioshack) into the shock sensor wire’s. 3. Program it out with a Tech II and disconnect the ride control module.

To delete F/55 your only option is the Tech II delete – resistors will not work.

Using the sims or the resistors assumes that all the other components in the system (sensors, modules and wiring harness) are operating correctly and if something breaks you will have to fix it or get codes. In my case I had a very annoying intermittent code from a wheel position sensor that was due to a short in the wiring harness in an unreachable location. I elected to go the Tech II route as it was so easy, cheap and imo the most complete solution.

The hardest part is finding a Tech II – all GM dealers have them but they may hesitate at the programming or want to overcharge you ($125 at mine). Just start calling local shops and if they don’t have one ask them if they know who does – it only took me 2 calls to get a referral to a shop that had one. Don’t bother if they tell you they have a different scantool that will work – it won’t, it must be a GM Tech II. Try a shop that specializes in Cadillac repair, that’s what I used and it turns out they had been programming out selective ride from certain Caddy’s for years because the replacement shocks are $1300 each (I guess the Caddy tax is higher than the Vette tax) and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Here, steps 2-14 is the instruction on what to do with the Tech II. Then copy and print these procedure sequence instructions:

  1. Hook up your Tech 2 (Driver’s footwell), turn the car ON, make sure the module in the left rear storage compartment (pull back the velcro lining on the front of the compartment) is plugged in. DO NOT UNPLUG THIS MODULE *NOTE from Zoxxo : A correction is needed here. The F55 module on the C6 is not in the rear of the car. It’s under the right front fender liner. The service manual (at least the ones I have – 2006 & 2007 – were never updated from what the C5 manuals said. F45 was the C5 version of F55 (and even that transitioned to “F55” the last year of the C5.)
  1. Now use the Tech 2 to delete the F45 option ( F55 option does not appear on the Tech 2 menu screen – SO – DELETE THE F45 OPTION (use the screen captures – steps 2-14)

Step 2: Startup TECH2


Step 3: Enter Diagnostics menu


Step4: Enter year of car


Step5: Enter Passenger Car menu


Step 6: Select Body from the menu


Step 7: Select Y body from menu


Step 8: Select body style from menu (Coupe/Sedan is FRC/ZO6)


Step 9: Select transmission type


Step 10: Enter body control module menu for adding/deleting option codes such as automatic headlamps,F45 suspension. If you’re interested in adding the tire pressure monitoring system please skip to Step 15 below.


Step 11: Enter Special Functions menu


Step 12: Enter BCM RPO Reprogram


Step 13: Enter cars country of origin


Step 14: Toggle functions on and off. The asterisk next to the option code indicates this function has been turned on. Note that the Automatic and Manual HVAC controls are both turned on. This is normal and should be ignored. Go ahead and hit the save option button when your done and power off the TECH2.


  1. Save the new configuration
  2. DO NOT TURN THE CAR OFF DO NOT REMOVE THE TECH 2 Go to the module in the rear of the car, unplug the GRAY connector – IT IS THE WIDEST ONE – leave the other 1 (F/45) or 2 (F/55) plugged in.
  3. Turn off the car but LEAVE THE TECH 2 PLUGGED IN
  4. Remove remaining plugs from module in the rear of the car – Never plug them back in again, if you do the F/45 turns on automatically.
  5. Now the moment of TRUTH – Turn the car on and verify that the dreaded – MAX SPEED 80 MPH – is gone. This message was only present if you had already disconnected the shock sensors. Some people have had to disconnect their battery to allow the computer to reset to remove this message, but I would confirm with the Tech II that the F/45 was actually deleted first and if not reconnect everything and start again with step 1.
  6. Unplug the Tech 2 scan tool– Get in the car and take it for a ride. Smile as you pass the DREADED 80 MPH.

With these instructions in their hands even the most inexperienced tech can do this. It took mine 5 minutes and they charged me $25. I would have spent much more time and effort getting and installing resistors.

If you haven’t already changed your shocks drive home carefully as the shocks become very soft, not dangerous but as GM advises keep it under 80MPH.

Hope this helps somebody else.

Originally Posted by Kokopelli



How to Install and Activate Launch EZCheck EZDiag to IOS System

New Launch EZcheck OBDII Scan Tool for DIYers Based on iPhone / Android,This guide of How to install Launch EZcheck EZDiag App to your iphone,here you go:

Launch EZcheck is a new design OBDII Scanner. X431 EZcheck work with phone same as  Launch Easydiag and Launch M-diag. You directly download “EZdiag” app from Android or Iphone will be ok. EZcheck can read fault code and clear code same as X431 Easydiag and X431 M-diag.

First you can scan the QR code on user manual to download the App on iOS or Android APP Store for Free.  You can also search EZDiag app on your mobile search engine and install it.



Open EZDiag software application


Sign up EZDiag with user name and password.



Enter your email address (for login or retrieving password)


Choose your region


Set password (At least 6 digit containing numbers, letters and signs)


Activate the EZDiag


Enter serial number and verification code (you can find S/N on the package)


Activation success.

Now you can use the Launch EZ Check EZDiag OBDII scan tool.




BMW Road Map Europe NBT-NEXT 2018-1 Torrent Download Free

Free download BMW ROAD MAP EUROPE NBT-NEXT 2018-1 Torrent on Mega:

Free way:

go to a forum http://mhhauto.com/ and the like to post a thread to ask for FSC codes

Paid way:

– ENET cable($15 around) with working E-sys software:

Note that, you can also DIY an ENET cable. Google and search how-to’s. there will be many tutorial.

– BMW ICOM emulator

BMW ICOM A2 ISTA/P is another way to import enabling codes (FSC).


ZIP archive file with release code (FSC) file (e.g., FZ38042_00020001.xml) and certificate file (e.g., FZ38042_00020001.der)

And Media to copy the files onUSB stick (recommended), CD-ROM media and CD/DVD burner, Floppy disc

In details… Look here:

Part 1: How to use ENET E sys cable to generate FSC codes:

BMW-FSC-NBT.rar, for sharing, and i never tested yet.

It generates the FSC in three steps.

But you have to change the “year-parameter” in the batch-file to a later map (e.g. 2016 – or even later – instead of 2014), then it works perfectly.

The Default 0x06 for 2014 does not work, but 0x09 does!

See the FSC code generation step by step:

Step 1: READ FSC

Open FSC Generator software on desktop

Click “Read FSC

Select BMW chassis, e.g E-series

Click Connect

Click Read VIN

The software will display vehicle information


Click Read FSC (1B)

Click Save to File



Back to FSC MAP menu

Select DECODE FSC button

Click Load file and load dump bin file

Click “Search” and browse to C:/EC:APPS/a hex

Click Decode button


Finish decoding


Back to FSC MAP menu

Select “GENERATE” button

Code has been generated

Open C:﹨EC:APPS﹨code.txt to check the FSC code

PS: If you fail o generate for NBT, try do following settings:

You can actually grab the 1B or DE file from E-sys by doing the following:

FSC Extended

Base variant 0x63 (For HU_CIC or HU_NBT)

Click Identify

Application ID 0x1B for (App ID 27 for CIC) 0xDE (App ID222 for NBT) <— This is the App for your Nav enabler

Upgrade Index 0x1

Move Store FSC from the left to the right

Click Read

Click Save and name the file FXXXXXX_0001B001.fsc for CIC or FXXXXXX_000DE001.fsc for NBT where FXXXXXX is your VIN.

Both CIC and NBT work.


Part 2: How to use BMW ISTA/P to import an enabling code (FSC)

Important Notes:

  1. This import function neither writes the code to the vehiclenor activates the associated function in the vehicle.

The activation will be requested during the measures planrealization.

  1. When using a USB stick ensure, that it’s formatted as aremovable disc (usually default format). Otherwise the stickwill not be recognized by ISTA/P.
  2. The FSC file (.xml) & the certificate file (.der) need to beextracted on the media.Do not copy the ZIP archive file on the media.


Select Data management


Select Import activation code and click Import

ISTA-P-import-enabling-code-fsc-2 ISTA-P-import-enabling-code-fsc-3

Insert the media (e.g. USB stick) in ISSS and click OK


Select VIN

Check that the certificate is present. If the certificate column reads not fitted, the .der file is missing on the media and it’s impossible to activate.

Click Start Import



Which Actia Multidiag clone for Maximum quality & Good price?


I want to buy an Actia Multi diag China clone.

On the http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/ I see prices between 160-300USD.

What is the difference, only software version?

Can someone tell me which I should buy?

Will I be able to install 2016 software on cheap 160$ version?

Clone Actia Multidiag Reviews:

What you find is the Chinese version 2013.1

Version 2016 can not be determined, it is necessary to flash chips.

The Chinese version uses a broken software, legal will never be, you can not use the Internet at the time.

Of course. You can use 2016Multi diag software.

Just search in Fantomel posts, he prepared Virtual Machine with software 2016 that works with cloned unit.

I have the Multidiag 2014/1 clone, its a great tool for eobd and french cars, has alot of features for FAP regeneration, injector reset etc. When installing software do exactly as shown, yes its a kind of broken software, starts from scratch everytime you startup but is a hell of an interface anyway..I make a lot of PUGs and CITs and for that its a great tool (with the advantage of being possible to use on other cars

Its up to you, Interface is great, China is not so great..If you can live with that then you will be happy with it

How to choose a working Multidiag clone:

Clones are only VCI1 in yellow blue case, all chinese tools are the same, buy the cheapest multidiag ( advice with usb and rs232) and pay 10$ for parts, do rework and all will work ok. There is no sense to pay more for nothing since all clones need rework. Also china did not clone vci2, i think is no profit for them to use so many relay

Something like this you need with usb and rs232 like ori one and do the rework i posted:

In conclusion,

No tool is perfect, clone even not so perfect, no matter which version.

The main difference between different version is on the vehicle cover. The newer software version, the more vehicles it covers.

V2014.01 Multi-Diag and V2013.02 Multi-Diag will enter the VCI number automatically, but other versions must enter the VCI number manually.

2016 MULLER Multi-Diag ACCESS XS Diagnostic case

You all must understand that different profiles in actia activate different options of the program, so feuvert one of 2016 is one chopped profile with missing cars


How to change/rewrite Nissan Consult 3 Plus serial number

Sometimes, you need change Nissan Consult 3 plus serial number s/n, when things happen like this:

The Consult 3 plus doesn’t recognise my VI2 anymore , it show that it’s serial number 0000000

the VI2 worked perfect before and it had a SN before, i tried to type the serial number manually but it didn’t work.

To change Consult 3 plus serial, please use the link to download:

you will find a folder and 3 pictures instruction in it.

inside the folder there is an exe app which you will use to change/rewrite the serial but before you do that there is a folder also with a file name reqdb which you will open with notepad and edit the first line the last 14 digit and only the second digit of each leaving the 0 in place, picture number 3 will show which ones to edit and picture number 1 shows how to use the software

connect the v12 but don’t open the Consult 3 plus software while doing this. this is how I remember them doing it

Picture 1: shows how to use the software

Picture 2

Picture 3: show which ones to edit

With help of the tutorial, you’ll have a working Nissan Consult 3 Plus, without serial issues like this:

Hope I did this right and did not violate any rules, its my first time.

Good luck.


Volvo VIDA vs VADIS, which better?

Topic:Volvo diagnostic software,which is is better to work with Volvo Dice unit?VIDA or VADIS

VIDA & VADIS meaning:

VIDA means V ehicle I nformation DIAGNOSIS for A ftersales

VADIS means V olvo A ftersales of DIAGNOSIS and I nformation S ystem

Tools to work with:

Vadis handles only VCT2000 interface

VIDA manages VCT2000 interface and DICE.

Actually the DICE is managed by USB and bluetooth … Vadis / Vida, it’s the same thing, it’s the software that manages these 2 interfaces … (it’s just 2 different names)

PC & Operation system:

Both runs perfect on Windows 7 64 bit, VADIS works on mine without anything special (no compatibility mode) VIDA only completes the install in VM, I think it would work fine on the regular OS if I took the time to find a work around for the the OS check that it does while doing the install.

Running speed:

VADIS is quick to launch and start using but the search takes for ever to bring up results and the over software is pretty slow, VIDA takes forever to launch (5 mins) but once up and running everything is quick.


VADIS is date coded to stop running after a certain date. That can be fixed, and the versions available on the net have that fix described, and it is an easy one.

VIDA started in 2008? and current version at dealers is 2014D. Versions to be found on , among other places, are usually VIDA 201xA/B/C/D. The big difference is what OS is required to run each.

VIDA 2010A – Windows XP Professional SP3, or VISTA Business SP1

VIDA 2010D – Windows XP Professional SP3, or Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

Win 7 64 bit requires you to run an XP version in compatibility mode, but several people have reported this works fine.

No matter what version you run of VIDA, you need a “crack” program to allow you to run it locally, without connecting to Ford’s server (now Volvo’s server). Crack program allows the program to run, and think it is connected across the internet to mothership’s server.

People have VIDA with cloned DiCE unit, which allows them to connect to the OBD port, and read the car VIN, and diagnostic codes. Typical things you can change with the local VIDA hook up is

seat high and low temperatures on heated seats

SUM for “R” car’s 4C suspension

probably time for courtesy lights to stay on after you walk away from the car.

VADIS and VIDA both have parts diagrams and service instructions for repairs on our cars. VIDA originally used VCT2000 units, but they are now superceded by DiCE units. You also sometimes get the electrical wiring diagrams with some of these you buy on the net. I have both VADIS and VIDA, as well as the wiring diagrams and a DiCe unit. Nice to have.

Volvo VIDA working with VCT2000


VCT2000-volvo-dice-1 VCT2000-volvo-dice-2 VCT2000-volvo-dice-3

Volvo VIDA working with DiCe

volvo-Vida-Dice-1 volvo-Vida-Dice-2 volvo-Vida-Dice-3

Locked adapters LAUNCH EasyDiag dug

Thread: LAUNCH EasyDiag Unlocking Locked Adapters

around on the Internet, collected information and … it turned out!

I will describe the recovery steps for both Locked and Blown

LAUNCH EasyDiag adapters .

We need a

dump of a non-blocked adapter (with 52 firmware on board)The programer

runs the programmer in the J-link

and the program in which I did everything

Programs recommended by Adminom

program for firmware adapter


native application ST-Link

Before we begin, we will

use the utility from Segger to turn our St-Link V2 (clone) into the J-Link programmer

and install the program (downloaded from the link above) with which we will flash our Device * We disassemble the adapter (I took it apart on the board with a knife by cutting the place of the gluing of the case)


connect the programmer to the pictures


J-Link (ST-Link V2 Clone)


launch the J-Flash application

or ST-Link ( also works with St-Link V2, connect it to USB to get power.)

Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-5 Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-6

Create a new project select the controller STM32F207 IG

Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-7 Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-8

after all the procedures connect our adapter to the computer and connect it to the program in the Target tab, select Connect

and well on the video)) ))))

Good luck, the guys write, I will definitely prompt))))