How to change/rewrite Nissan Consult 3 Plus serial number

Sometimes, you need change Nissan Consult 3 plus serial number s/n, when things happen like this:

The Consult 3 plus doesn’t recognise my VI2 anymore , it show that it’s serial number 0000000

the VI2 worked perfect before and it had a SN before, i tried to type the serial number manually but it didn’t work.

To change Consult 3 plus serial, please use the link to download:

you will find a folder and 3 pictures instruction in it.

inside the folder there is an exe app which you will use to change/rewrite the serial but before you do that there is a folder also with a file name reqdb which you will open with notepad and edit the first line the last 14 digit and only the second digit of each leaving the 0 in place, picture number 3 will show which ones to edit and picture number 1 shows how to use the software

connect the v12 but don’t open the Consult 3 plus software while doing this. this is how I remember them doing it

Picture 1: shows how to use the software

Picture 2

Picture 3: show which ones to edit

With help of the tutorial, you’ll have a working Nissan Consult 3 Plus, without serial issues like this:

Hope I did this right and did not violate any rules, its my first time.

Good luck.


Volvo VIDA vs VADIS, which better?

Topic:Volvo diagnostic software,which is is better to work with Volvo Dice unit?VIDA or VADIS

VIDA & VADIS meaning:

VIDA means V ehicle I nformation DIAGNOSIS for A ftersales

VADIS means V olvo A ftersales of DIAGNOSIS and I nformation S ystem

Tools to work with:

Vadis handles only VCT2000 interface

VIDA manages VCT2000 interface and DICE.

Actually the DICE is managed by USB and bluetooth … Vadis / Vida, it’s the same thing, it’s the software that manages these 2 interfaces … (it’s just 2 different names)

PC & Operation system:

Both runs perfect on Windows 7 64 bit, VADIS works on mine without anything special (no compatibility mode) VIDA only completes the install in VM, I think it would work fine on the regular OS if I took the time to find a work around for the the OS check that it does while doing the install.

Running speed:

VADIS is quick to launch and start using but the search takes for ever to bring up results and the over software is pretty slow, VIDA takes forever to launch (5 mins) but once up and running everything is quick.


VADIS is date coded to stop running after a certain date. That can be fixed, and the versions available on the net have that fix described, and it is an easy one.

VIDA started in 2008? and current version at dealers is 2014D. Versions to be found on , among other places, are usually VIDA 201xA/B/C/D. The big difference is what OS is required to run each.

VIDA 2010A – Windows XP Professional SP3, or VISTA Business SP1

VIDA 2010D – Windows XP Professional SP3, or Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

Win 7 64 bit requires you to run an XP version in compatibility mode, but several people have reported this works fine.

No matter what version you run of VIDA, you need a “crack” program to allow you to run it locally, without connecting to Ford’s server (now Volvo’s server). Crack program allows the program to run, and think it is connected across the internet to mothership’s server.

People have VIDA with cloned DiCE unit, which allows them to connect to the OBD port, and read the car VIN, and diagnostic codes. Typical things you can change with the local VIDA hook up is

seat high and low temperatures on heated seats

SUM for “R” car’s 4C suspension

probably time for courtesy lights to stay on after you walk away from the car.

VADIS and VIDA both have parts diagrams and service instructions for repairs on our cars. VIDA originally used VCT2000 units, but they are now superceded by DiCE units. You also sometimes get the electrical wiring diagrams with some of these you buy on the net. I have both VADIS and VIDA, as well as the wiring diagrams and a DiCe unit. Nice to have.

Volvo VIDA working with VCT2000


VCT2000-volvo-dice-1 VCT2000-volvo-dice-2 VCT2000-volvo-dice-3

Volvo VIDA working with DiCe

volvo-Vida-Dice-1 volvo-Vida-Dice-2 volvo-Vida-Dice-3

Locked adapters LAUNCH EasyDiag dug

Thread: LAUNCH EasyDiag Unlocking Locked Adapters

around on the Internet, collected information and … it turned out!

I will describe the recovery steps for both Locked and Blown

LAUNCH EasyDiag adapters .

We need a

dump of a non-blocked adapter (with 52 firmware on board)The programer

runs the programmer in the J-link

and the program in which I did everything

Programs recommended by Adminom

program for firmware adapter


native application ST-Link

Before we begin, we will

use the utility from Segger to turn our St-Link V2 (clone) into the J-Link programmer

and install the program (downloaded from the link above) with which we will flash our Device * We disassemble the adapter (I took it apart on the board with a knife by cutting the place of the gluing of the case)


connect the programmer to the pictures


J-Link (ST-Link V2 Clone)


launch the J-Flash application

or ST-Link ( also works with St-Link V2, connect it to USB to get power.)

Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-5 Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-6

Create a new project select the controller STM32F207 IG

Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-7 Unlock-LAUNCH-EasyDiag-Locked-Adapters-8

after all the procedures connect our adapter to the computer and connect it to the program in the Target tab, select Connect

and well on the video)) ))))

Good luck, the guys write, I will definitely prompt))))


How To Use Ford VCM2 OBD2 Wiring

I have a cloned VCM2 SP177

And the

Can anyone give me the wiring of VCM2 OBD port

From Car to socket interface?



Reply: this is the VCM2 OBD2 cable pinout



Pin Signal Description
2 J1850 Bus+
3 LS CAN Hi Low speed (125Kb) CAN bus. This bus used for some IC, RFA and other units.
4 CGND Chassis ground
5 SGND Signal ground
6 CAN High J-2284
7 K-LINE (ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)
10 J1850 Bus-
11 LS CAN Low Low speed (125Kb) CAN bus. This bus used for some IC, RFA and other units.
14 CAN Low J-2284
15 ISO 9141-2 L-LINE (ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)
16 +12v Battery power

But if i were you, i would spend some pennies to have a new working one. Things tested are used with relief.

Ford OBD-2 compatibility list:

Note that list is not 100% complete!

Model Engine Year (starting from) OBD-2 Protocol
Ford Aerostar 1997 PWM J1850
Ford Ba falcon XR6 Turbo, Gasoline (320HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford C-Max Gasoline (124 HP) 2006 CAN
Ford C-Max [MK2] Gasoline (124 HP) 2006 CAN
Ford Connect 1.8TDCI, Diesel (121 HP) 2005
Ford Contour 2, Gasoline (120HP) 1996 PWM
1999 PWM J1850
Ford Cougar V6, Gasoline (168 HP) 1999
2.5 V6, Gasoline (170HP) 1999 PWM
Ford E150 2000 PWM J1850
Ford E350 2000 PWM J1850
Ford Escort 1998 PWM J1850
Diesel (89 HP) 1998 PWM J1850
Ford Escort Kombi Gasoline (89 HP) 1997
Ford Escort MK7 Gasoline (114 HP) 1995 PWM J1850
Ford Escort Van Gasoline (82 HP) 1998
Ford Expedition 1998 PWM J1850
Ford Explorer Gasoline (208 HP) 1995 PWM J1850
1998 PWM J1850
2000 PWM J1850
4, Gasoline (205HP) 2001 PWM
Ford F150 1997 PWM J1850
2003 PWM J1850
4.6, Gasoline (300HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford F150 (truck) 1999 PWM J1850
Ford F150 (van) 1999 PWM J1850
Ford F250 2000 PWM J1850
Ford Fairmont 4, Gasoline (266HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Falcon 6 cyl, Gasoline (247HP) 2003 CAN 11bit (500kb)
v8, Gasoline (353HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
4.0L Turbo, Gasoline (365HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Boss 5.4, Gasoline (388HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
4.0l, Gasoline or LPG (155HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Fiesta 1.4, Gasoline (90HP) 1996 PWM
1997 PWM J1850
Diesel (60 HP) 1997
1.25, Gasoline (74 HP) 1997
MK4, Gasoline (60 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
1.2, Gasoline (90HP) 1998 PWM
1.2, Gasoline (75HP) 1999 PWM
Gasoline (60 HP) 2000
1.6 16V, Gasoline (102 HP) 2000 PWM J1850
1.8tddi, Diesel (74 HP) 2001 PWM J1850
1.3 endura, Gasoline (60HP) 2001 PWM
1.4 TDCI, Diesel (68 HP) 2002
1.4 TDCI, Diesel (68 HP) 2002
1.4, Gasoline (60HP) 2002 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.4, Gasoline (80HP) 2002 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Gasoline (80 HP) 2003 CAN
1,4, Gasoline (80 HP) 2003 CAN
1.4 tdCI, Diesel (68HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.3, Gasoline (70HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6, Gasoline (100HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.3, Gasoline (75HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.0 Duratec, Gasoline (150HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
MK6.5, Diesel (90 HP) 2006 CAN
1.6 TdCi, Diesel (90HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.4 tdCi, Diesel (68HP) 2009 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6, Gasoline (120HP) 2009 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (95HP) 2010 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Gasoline (50 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
Gasoline (102 HP) 2000 PWM J1850
MK6, Diesel (68 HP) 2005 CAN
Ford Focus Gasoline (74 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
1999 PWM J1850
Gasoline (100 HP) 1999 VPW J1850
Gasoline (100 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
1.6, Gasoline (100HP) 1999 PWM
2, Gasoline (130HP) 1999 PWM
1.8, Gasoline (114 HP) 2000
TDDI Turnier, Diesel (89 HP) 2000
1.6 16V, Gasoline (100HP) 2000 PWM
 1.8 TDCI, Diesel (114 HP) 2001
1.8 TDCI, Diesel (114 HP) 2001
1.4 16V, Gasoline (75HP) 2001 PWM
Gasoline (100 HP) 2002 PWM J1850
2002 PWM J1850
Gasoline (171 HP) 2003 PWM J1850
1.8 TDDI , Diesel (89 HP) 2003
1.8 tdCi, Diesel (100HP) 2003 PWM
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (110HP) 2003 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2, Gasoline (215HP) 2003 PWM
Diesel (114 HP) 2004 VPW J1850
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (90HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (120HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.8 16v, Gasoline (122HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.0 tdCi, Diesel (136HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Gasoline (121 HP) 2005
Diesel (148 HP) 2005 CAN
1.6 TI VTI, Gasoline (110HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.8 tdCi, Diesel (115HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.5 Turbo, Gasoline (274HP) 2006 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.4, Gasoline (80HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.8 tdCi, Diesel (115HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.0 tdCi, Diesel (90HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.5, Gasoline (225HP) 2010 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Gasoline (104 HP) 2011
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (110HP) 2011 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6 SCTI, Gasoline (152HP) 2011 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.5 turbo, Gasoline (305HP) 2011 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Gasoline (100 HP) 2002
Diesel (135 HP) 2005
Ford Focus II 1,6 Ti-VCT, Gasoline (114 HP) 2005 CAN
Ford Focus CC Gasoline (143 HP) 2007
Ford focus C-max Diesel (141 HP) 2005
1,6, Diesel (108 HP) 2006 CAN
Ford Focus MK1 Face Lift 1.8 TDCI, Diesel (114 HP) 2003
Ford Focus Mk2 Diesel (147 HP) 2005
Ford Focus ST Gasoline (223 HP) 2006 CAN
Ford Focus ST + Tuning Gasoline (282 HP) 2006 CAN
Ford Focus ST170 Gasoline (171 HP) 2002 PWM J1850
Gasoline (165 HP) 2003 PWM J1850
Ford Focus SVT 2002 PWM J1850
Ford Focus Turnier TDDi, Diesel (89 HP) 1999
TDDI, Diesel (74 HP) 2001
1.6l Zetec, Gasoline (100 HP) 2002
Ford FPV GT-P 5.4 V8, Gasoline (400HP) 2006 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Fusion Diesel (68 HP) 2002
1.6, Gasoline (100HP) 2003 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.4 tdCi, Diesel (68HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
1.6 tdCi, Diesel (90HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Diesel (81 HP) 2005
1,4 TDCI, Diesel (68 HP) 2005
1.4, Gasoline (80HP) 2009 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Galaxy Gasoline (114 HP) 1995
Diesel (109 HP) 1995 KW 2000 VAG
Gasoline (114 HP) 1995 PWM J1850
Gasoline (114 HP) 1997
Gasoline (114 HP) 1998 KW 1281
Gasoline (144 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
Diesel (89 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
Diesel (109 HP) 1999 ISO 9141-2
Gasoline (144 HP) 2000 PWM J1850
TDI PD, Diesel (114 HP) 2000 ISO 9141-2
VR6, Gasoline (202 HP) 2001 ISO 9141-2
1.9l TDI, Diesel (114 HP) 2002 KW 1281
Diesel (114 HP) 2003
tdi, Diesel (130HP) 2003 ISO 9141
1.9 TDI, Diesel (114 HP) 2005
Ford Galaxy II 1.8 tdCi, Diesel (125HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford KA Gasoline (60 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
Gasoline (60 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
Gasoline (60 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
1.3i, Gasoline (90HP) 1998 PWM
Gasoline (60 HP) 2000 PWM J1850
1.3i, Gasoline (60HP) 2000 PWM
Gasoline (119 HP) 2006 PWM J1850
Gasoline (60 HP) 2007 CAN
1.2, Gasoline (69HP) 2010 CAN 29bit
Ford KA Endura E 1.3, Gasoline (60 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
Ford Kuga 2.5T, Gasoline (220HP) 2009 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Diesel (139 HP) 2010 CAN
TdCi, Diesel (140HP) 2011 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford M350 2.2 TdCi, Diesel (130HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Maverick Mk2 Gasoline (202 HP) 2005
Ford Mercury 4.6, Gasoline (280HP) 1999 PWM
Ford Mondeo Diesel (74 HP) 1994
Gasoline (88 HP) 1994
Gasoline (114 HP) 1998 PWM J1850
Gasoline (129 HP) 1998
 2.5i V6, Gasoline (168 HP) 1998 PWM J1850
2, Gasoline (131HP) 1998 PWM
V6, Gasoline (205HP) 2000 PWM
1.8 tunier , Gasoline (109 HP) 2001 PWM J1850
Duratec-HE, Gasoline (144 HP) 2001 PWM J1850
2, Gasoline (110HP) 2001 PWM
2.5 L V6, Gasoline (170HP) 2001 PWM
TDCi , Diesel (129 HP) 2002
3L V6, Gasoline (226HP) 2002 PWM
(duratec HE 2L), Gasoline (144 HP) 2003 PWM J1850
(duratec HE 2L), Gasoline (144 HP) 2003 PWM J1850
 TDCI, Diesel (129 HP) 2003
2.0 HDi, Diesel (115HP) 2003 PWM
2.0 tdCi, Diesel (130HP) 2003 ISO 9141
Diesel (114 HP) 2004
TDCI, Diesel (114 HP) 2004
TDCI Turnier, Diesel (153 HP) 2005 PWM J1850
2.0 tdCi, Diesel (130HP) 2005 PWM
Gasoline (218 HP) 2007
2.0 TDCI, Diesel (129 HP) 2007 VPW J1850
1.8 tdCi, Diesel (125HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Diesel (139 HP) 2008
2, Diesel (145HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Mondeo Kombi TDCI, Diesel (129 HP) 2002
Ford Mondeo MK II Gasoline (89 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
Ford Mondeo MK3 V6 2,5, Gasoline (168 HP) 2001 PWM J1850
Ford Mondeo MK3 Turnier TDDI, Diesel (114 HP) 2002
Ford Mondeo Tournier Gasoline (144 HP) 2008 CAN
Duratec HE 1.8, Gasoline (121 HP) 2001 PWM J1850
Ford Mondo TDCi, Diesel (129 HP) 2002
Ford Mustang 1998 PWM J1850
4, Gasoline (214HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
V8 4.6, Gasoline (300HP) 2006 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Mustang GT Gasoline (290 HP) 1996 PWM J1850
Ford Mustang GT V8, Gasoline (301 HP) 2008 CAN
Ford Probe 1997 ISO 14230-4, ISO 9141-2
Ford Probe GT 2.5L V6, Gasoline (190HP) 1997 ISO 9141
Ford Puma Gasoline (124 HP) 1999 PWM J1850
1.7, Gasoline (125HP) 1999 PWM
Gasoline (89 HP) 2000 PWM J1850
1.7L 16V, Gasoline (155HP) 2000 PWM
1.7 16v, Gasoline (125HP) 2001 PWM
Ford Ranger 1995 PWM J1850
4, Gasoline (145HP) 1999 PWM
2002 PWM J1850
Diesel (141 HP) 2009 CAN
Diesel (141 HP) 2010 CAN
Ford Ranger 4×4 Pickup 2000 PWM J1850
Ford Scorpio Gasoline (204 HP) 1995 PWM J1850
24V, Gasoline (204 HP) 1995 PWM J1850
2,3 Ghia, Gasoline (145 HP) 1997 PWM J1850
Ford S-Max Diesel (114 HP) 2008 CAN
2.0 tdCI, Diesel (140HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Taurus 1996 PWM J1850
2001 PWM J1850
Ford tdi galaxy Diesel (114 HP) 2000
Ford Territory 4.0 6 Cyl., Gasoline (244HP) 2004 CAN 11bit (500kb)
6 cylinder, Gasoline or LPG (255HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Thunderbird LX 1997 PWM J1850
Ford Torneo 1.8, Diesel (90HP) 2006 PWM
Ford Tourneo/Connect Diesel (89 HP) 2007
Ford Transit 2.0i DOHC, Gasoline (100HP) 2000 PWM
2.0 tdCI, Diesel (110HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.2 tdCi, Diesel (85HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.2 TdCi, Diesel (130HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.4 tdCI, Diesel (140HP) 2007 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.2 TdCi, Diesel (115HP) 2008 CAN 11bit (500kb)
2.2tdCi, Diesel (140HP) 2012 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Transit Connect Diesel (121 HP) 2005
1,8 TDCI, Diesel (89 HP) 2007
Ford Transit Euroline Diesel (100 HP) 2001
Ford Trend 1.6 TdCi, Diesel (110HP) 2005 CAN 11bit (500kb)
Ford Windstar 1995 PWM J1850

Interfaces used:

1996 – 2001 : J1850-PWM only

2002 – 2006 : J1850-PWM or CAN

after 2006    : CAN


Where to buy Op-com china clone with PIC18F458 chip?

There are many versions of Opcom firmware running with vaux-com 120309a. but what should you take Here I will chip in some words and hope it helps.

the first photo: opcom fw 1.95

the second photo: opcom fw 1.70

the third photo: opcom fw 1.65

the fourth photo: opcom fw 1.59

the fifth photo: opcom fw 1.45

Look here:


opcom-firmware-1.70-pcb-1 opcom-firmware-1.65-pcb-1 sp105-Opcom-firmware-1.59-PCB-1 opcom-firmware-1.45-pcb

Reply: The last official firmware is 1.64

Check also the official and you will see there the newest firmware version that it will come in the new version of opcom and it will be fw1.66

For vaux-com 120309a you need only opcom fw1.45
Even you are using the fake vauxcom 120309a+131223a version you need also fw1.45

Not any newer. But you can use any newer versions of firmware but you will have nothing new and it will not help you more then fw1.45

The most important is to have an original PIC chip that can program new firmware.

OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (8) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (9)OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (1) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (2) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (3) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (4) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (5) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (6) OPCOM-firmware-1.59-PIC18F458-chip (7)

So, if you wanna have Opel diagnostic with Opcom China clone, forget the firmware version (new v1.95 or old v1.45) and check if it’s with a PIC18F458 chip with the vendor. That is the most most most important!!!!!!!!! Anything else is secondary.

You can find that there is a PIC18F458 chip in all versions of Opcom china clone above. So use Opcom and vaux-com 120309a with relief.

Renault ECU Decoder and SIRIUS 32

Renault ECU decoders will be recommended for you here.These two has been successfully tested by users, who talk about it on forums.

Device to use: Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM Programmer

/Wellon Universal Programmer

ECU type: Renault Siemens Sirius 32N


Customer A

Device recommended: TL866 Mini pro programmer “if You are planning to work frequently on those ecu I recommend to buy TL866 Mini pro programmer.

With tsop44 adapter, this tool is very stable for reading F200 flash fitted on Sirius32”

TL866 -1renault flash f200

Customer B

Device recommended: TL-866 programmer Wellon programmer

I also have TL-866 programmer and that one is working good too.

TL866 -2

wellon tells you which pins does not have good connections …

I bought TL-866 programmer with with tsop44 adapter… it’s good to have backup tools.

TL866 -3

Customer C

Device recommended: Fgtech gallettoRead Siemens sirius 32 with Fgtech galletto on boot mode flash.

The wiring diagram below:

Red —————-> pin 29

Red —————-> pin 30

Black —————-> pin 3 ground

Green —————-> pin 56 K-Line

Yellow—————-> pin 26 L-Linea

Gray wire you can use for boot 29f200

(Gray wire has already 1000 ohm resistor )

Mini VCI change TPMS codes & key codes of 2004 Lexus

So some caveats but not enough for me to not be blown away at how awesome this is. First mine from this seller ( came with Techstream V12 which is not the newest version at this time, but was fine for me for a 2004 Lexus, and probably covers at least through 2016 or so.

I needed to program TPMS, I have a $1000 (when new) OTC Genisys that I use for diagnosis on all my rigs, but it has limited bi-directional capability for Toyota and would NOT do TPMS. Figured after surfing forums this was smart to try for a whopping $22. Now I went in knowing getting it to run on 64 bit machines is tricky, and I didn’t want to try, I’m not that smart anymore. Fortunately I have 2 old laptops that never touch the internet a Lenovo X220 with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and a crappy old Acer Aspire with 7 Starter 32 bit. I put it on both but would note, the Atom based machine is just sufficient speed wise unfortunately for me it had the better battery of my choices.

Anyway cable and software came Prime in 1 to my location, even though I had gone 8 days shipping!!! Now both my laptops had no CD, so copied onto a USB drive. Installed per online blog instructions. Unlike some past users note my mini-CD had only the one version V12.10.017Techstream on the disc.

!!! Here is one of the caveats, on one of my machines the Avast was still new enough to pick up MALLWARE in the MVCI Firmware Update Tool. !!!

So actually on install, I just DIDN’T RUN IT and then when the install worked deleted that file!!! Worked just fine.

I had to do absolutely nothing on either machine other than click the two install files ( Techstream first, then the MVCI device driver) and change the TISFunction flag to 0 in the .ini file as instructed in the cryptic help file. Followed online blog instructions with the exception of not running the mallware ridden file and not messing with COM settings which some instructions mention. Again for me it was as easy as click on 1 file, edit .ini file, click on driver file, plug in cable, run program.

So another of the caveats, whatever they have done to hack this makes things a bit flakey on mine at least. Every time you enter another ECU it gives an error saying it didn’t work but to “try again and it might” and sure enough it does just fine. You can do anything a dealer can do with Techstream, look at any data, program any dealer programmable parameter, and most importantly for me change TPMS codes and key codes all for the $21 this cost. Would I burn a new ECU software update with this, no not me, not enough guts, but for the rest, AWESOME.

Just TOTALLY AMAZING to say it again.

Included a screenshot from updating the TPMS IDs, simply AMAZING no dealer, no kludge “swap tool” that doesn’t work reliably, just enter em like a dealer.


TCU Flashing onBMW E85with INPA software

Here are some tips of how to flash TCU of BMW E85 (Z4) using BMW INPA software with a HQ K+DCAN cable or ICOM A2emulator (clone ok).

Car: Z4 3.0I with the ZF 6HP19 transmission

Purpose:want to test different TCU calibration files on my E85 (Z4)

All should be done via a K+DCAN usb cable running working INPA software

Which SGBD does the GKE211 use? 

For Inpa, its the GS19D.prg
Winfkp uses 10flash.prg

Here is a quick and dirty INPA script I wrote for you all for reference:


It sets the protocol to KWP2000 over K-Line and executes the IDENT job.

If it’s unable to use KWP over K-Line, it will display a large red box indicating so.

There are a few ways to execute a custom INPA script.

For quick and dirty testing, the CLI is probably easiest. c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload <path to IPO file>:


c:\ec-apps\inpa\bin\inpaload c:\users\rjahl\downloads\gke211kwp_808.ipo

If you want to add the script to the E85 menu, copy the GKE211KWP_808.IPO file to the SGDAT folder and then edit the E85.ENG file in the CFGDAT folder.

In the [ROOT_GETRIEBE] section of the E85.ENG file, add two lines similar to the following:


[ROOT_GETRIEBE]DESCRIPTION=TransmissionENTRY=,,ENTRY=    GS19,Gearbox / Automatic GS19,ENTRY=   gsds2,GS 8.xx / GS 20,ENTRY=,,ENTRY=    gs30,Sequential Gearbox SSG,ENTRY=,,ENTRY=    GKE211KWP_808,GS19D Ancillary Diagnostics,


Alternatively, you could add a shortcut to the Windows desktop which runs INPALOAD.EXE and calls the custom script.

OK, done and working.

Techstream 12.02.24 download: crack, activated, no pass

Free download Toyota Techstream TIS 12.20.024 software crack

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How to install Techstream software 12.20.024 Windows 7:
1 Install the program
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Tested with MINI VCI (item no.SV46-B)
Tested with MINI VCI cable (item no.SV46-D)
Tested with Mangoose VCI (item no. SV46-C)
Test result: Toyota Techstream 12.20.024 is tested successfully!!
with Toyota Techstream cables (Mini vci or Mangoose vci), you can customize your car;
with Vxdiag vcx nano Toyota,  you can not only have customization but do programming via WIFI.

How to install Toyota Techstream v12 on Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Fair warning: I would not consider this a good investment for someone who does not have a fair degree of tech skill, both when it comes to understanding computers (particularly manual driver installation and USB-based communications) and the Toyota TechStream software itself.

First and foremost: The mini vci cable worked perfectly well for me on a 2017 Sienna SE, using TechStream version 12.x.127(the current release as of the date of this post), based on a Lenovo ThinkPad T500 running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. However, in order to get to that point, I found myself using a different interpretation of the instructions another buyer (‘DuckDivesInWater’) provided in their review. I have no doubt the difference was caused by the fact I’m using a late version of TechStream.

PLEASE NOTE: The instructions below are based on a 64-bit OS. THE PROCESS FOR A 32-BIT SYSTEM WILL BE DIFFERENT.

1). Do NOT try to install the software on the CD directly if you’re running a 64-bit OS! I guarantee it will fail. Horribly. Also, my antivirus software (ESET Smart Security) threw a fit about several files on the CD being contaminated with a trojan. I believe this to be a false positive, caused by the type of anti-hacking application packager the device’s manufacturer (XHorse Electronics, out of China) used to bundle the software together, but be careful no matter what. Google search is your friend!

I will add that, after manually unpacking and installing the device driver, I had no other problems and no sign of virus or trojan infection.

2). Start by installing whatever version of Toyota TechStream you plan to use. Plenty of info on the Internet to help you out with that.

3). Copy the file “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi” from the 10.10.018 folder on the CD to a temporary directory of your choice.

4). Open a command prompt window and change to said temporary directory. Extract the contents of the .msi file with this command (be sure to INCLUDE the double quotes where shown):

msiexec /a “C:\temp\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi” /qb TARGETDIR=c:\temp\mvci

5). Once that’s done, delete the ‘MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi’ file so it doesn’t get run by accident.

6). Close your command prompt window. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86) and create a new folder under it called “XHorse Electronics”. Change to that folder and create another called “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS”.

7). Next, copy the whole content of c:\temp\mvci (or whatever temp directory you used to extract the .msi into) to “C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS”

8). Plug your Mini VCI cable into a USB port. Windows may complain that it couldn’t install the driver. Ignore any such errors for the moment.

9). Open Device Manager and locate the failed item in the hardware list. It should be easy to spot, as it will have a yellow exclamation point overlaying it. You’ll probably see it under ‘Other Devices.’ Right-click on the device, select ‘Update Driver’ and ‘Browse my computer.’ Point the wizard to the folder you created in step 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\XHorse Electronics\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS

10). Note that you will likely need to do this twice, once for the VCI chip itself and once for the USB-to-serial-port translation. Point the second prompt at the same folder. Once the process finishes, you should see the two new devices in your hardware list.

11). In order for TechStream to recognize and use the Mini-VCI cable, you will need to add a registry tweak. Some Internet searching will probably turn up a pre-written file, called ‘mvci-x64.reg’ or you can create the file yourself with a text editor as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PassThruSupport.04.04\XHorse – MVCI]

“Name”=”XHorse – MVCI”

“Vendor”=”XHorse ELECTRONICS Co.,Ltd.”

“ConfigApplication”=”C:\\Program Files (x86)\\XHorse Electronics\\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS\\FirmwareUpdateTool.exe”

“FunctionLibrary”=”C:\\Program Files (x86)\\XHorse Electronics\\MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS\\MVCI32.dll”



“ProtocolsSupported”=”J1850VPW:1, J1850PWM:1, CAN:1, ISO9141:1, ISO14230:1, ISO15765:1”











12). Finally, run Techstream. Go to Setup | VIM Select menu and select the “XHorse – MVCI”

You should now be able to connect to your car’s OBD port and use TechStream just as your dealer’s tech would. Be careful not to change anything you’re not familiar with! It’s too easy to screw something up.

My thanks to ‘DuckDivesInWater’ and ‘JHood’ on the ft86club dot com forums.

Happy tweaking.