Free download Mazda IDS 109 for VCM2, Vxdiag Nano

Mazda IDS 109 Mega link:

Unknown risk! Good luck!

For security, go to tested versions Mazda IDS 108

tested no issues with VXDIAG VCX NANO:

Mazda IDS V96 working for VCM2 clone:

Both tested 100% by real prosAnd confirmed to work perfect with VCM2 clone Look at the video

Creator C200 OBDII EOBD Code Reader is best for DIYer

Newest Creator C200 is the best OBDII EOBD code reader for DIYer.  It meets a DIYer’s basic requirements of diagnosis incl. find out the reason why the check engine light on, read & clear the generic fault codes, read live data etc on a wide range of vehicles.

In the following paragraphs, you can get everything what you need to know on Creator C200

  1. Hardware

Creator C200 is much light (claims to be 0.3KG) and suits to the palm, easy to take for diagnosis outdoor.

When using it to diagnose, you don’t need to plug it into the computer because it has a 2.4″ color LED screen display, only when you update it, you can plug the OBDII 16 pin cable to the computer to update online.



Price: $34.99 free shipping

  1. Version

Hardware version: 1.1

Software version:V4.5


  1. Car list

OBDII compliant European vehicles (PETROL from 2001 & DIESEL from 2004)

OBDII compliant US and Asian vehicles from 1996.

Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other current OBD-II protocols

  1. Systems

Access to the OBDII system.

  1. Diagnostic capabilities

Easily determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light ( MIL)”

Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3,and U1) codes

Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors

Displays DTC definitions on unit screen

Views freeze frame data

Identifies pending codes

Reads live PCM datastream

Graph displays live PCM datastream

Read I/M Readiness Status

Displays live O2 sensor test data

Performs modules present test

Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)


  1. Online update software & Language

Creator C200 can update online, click on the official site: then the column “Download” and select the C200 software to download.

What a nice feature is Creator C200 software has multiple choice in different languages incl. English, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian. Etc

For details, refer to the user manual page 36- 41.


Creator C200 OBDII EOBD Code Reader user manual

Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader rolled out  a new OBDII EOBD code reader–Creator C200. Working good at PETROL&DIESEL European vehicles and US and Asian vehicles.

Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader(1)

Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader(2)

Top 10 to choose Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader:


1.Retrieves generic (P0,P2,P3,and UO),manufacturer specific (P1,P3,and u1) codes and pending codes.

2.Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL),clear codes and reset monitors.

3.Views freeze frame date.

4.Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)

5.Reads live PCM datestream.

6.Displays live O2 sensor test date.

7.Retrieves vehicle information (VIN,CID and CVN)

8.Supports CAN (Controller Area Network)and all other

9.Supports multilingusl menu and DTC definitions –English, traditional, simplified, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian. etc

10.Supports software update via PC


Creator C200 Functions:


Works on all post-2001 OBDII compliant PETROL European vehicles

Works on all post-2004 OBDII compliant DIESEL European vehicles

Works on all post-1996 OBDII compliant US and Asian vehicles

Easily determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light ( MIL)”

Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3,and U1) codes

Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors

Displays DTC definitions on unit screen

Views freeze frame data

Identifies pending codes

Reads live PCM datastream

Graph displays live PCM datastream

Read I/M Readiness Status

Displays live O2 sensor test data

Performs modules present test

Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)

Supports CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other current OBD-II protocols

Creator C200 Specification:


A) Display: 2.4 Color LCD, 320 x 240 pixel display with contrast adjustment

B) Operation Temperature: – 20 ℃ — 75 ℃

C) Storage Temperature:  -40 ℃  —  120 ℃

D) Power:  8V — 24V




Package includes:


1pc x  Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader

Creator C200 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader


(Solved) VCM2 WiFi only work with v86, not newer IDS

Thread about VCM2 WiFi on newer IDS software.

I think its pretty clear why it doesn’t work now from watching the serial connection to the VCM’s output….The drivers aren’t loading on the VCM. That was what I was pointing out.

My wifi works only with v86 not with any other versions but haven’t worked out which file to swap

He alluded to the key being getting the v86 VCI to work with the newer VCM firmware in another post. I was able to beg v86 VCI to talk to v101.04 VCM firmware without saying it needed to upgrade the other day but not to my benefit :/

I am currently getting a laptop deployed that has more than one USB 2.0 port. I tried using 3.0 by setting the vmplayer to USB3 mode adding adding the driver on the guest OS for the USB 3 host controller which all went fine but the Host OS isn’t passing devices through to the vmplayer guest OS that I plug in to USB3 ports :/

I never thought having a newer model laptop would hurt me

And…… Physical hardware with v86 installed directly on it worked just fine for WiFi! Gonna grab the individual VCM’s config file from the VCI manager and see if that works in 101.04 The file is generated when you first plug in the VCM to software for the first time.

Another note you’d better read:

it wont work , if it is detected that you are trying to use an older version VCI Manger , the setup installs the vci manager from another location , might work upto about 97 version , but deffo not in 100 or 101 version, to get and older vci manager to work in 100 plus version requires quite a lot of work to be fair .

swapping individual files wont work either, thats why the firmware patch only worked to 97 version, after that the vci manager changed the install location of the firmware files and stuff, look at your two different setup’s 86 – 101 to see what i mean.

Advice form experts:

Better use genuine VCM2 or HQ cloned VCM2 SP177-C1, no issues of WiFi & IDS compatibility.

Easy to find out a genuine Ford VCM2 unit via Google;

But attention please when you wanna go to a VCM2 clone -READ IT:

Where to buy Ford VCM2 clone SP177C or SP177C1


How to keep GM GDS2 – NEVER expires

Found a way to keep GM GDS2 for longer than 30 days after downloading it.

So I found a way to keep GDS2 indefinitely…or as long as you own your computer. First of all I’m not sure if this works for the 3 day subscription but I don’t see why not. So after you download GDS2 in Tis2web, to keep the license going there is a program(free) called ‘runasdate’, there is a 64 bit version and a 32 bit version. Use the 32 bit version. If you need help setting it up I can screen shot how I set mine up, although it’s incredibly easy. Enjoy and thanks and rep would be appreciated if you found this useful

P.S. Don’t let this leak to GM so they don’t close this loophole. Also, ignore the 30 days countdown in GDS2 once you set it up, it’ll count all the way down to 0 days but still work beyond that!

Easy way from

You can change the time of your GDS2 installation and it will continue to work

Look here: GDS2 works perfect


How to keep GM GDS2 – NEVER expires

Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 MQB Mileage correction ,which tool?


Which tool for  Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 jonson Odometer Correction ?

I have smok uhds but seems not support that kind of dashboard

I think support only vdo and continental

if anyone who already did it, plz give more information


i know VVDI2 xhorse and OBDSTAR tools can work for MQB

but not sure if it’s helpful to your cars

It’s good at VW MQB odometer correction

Both your Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 are listed in the car list.

Look at the sreenshots.. it’s marked in red

Golf 7 listed:



Amarok 2014 listed:


How to install TIS2000 software for GM pre-2008

A lot of info I found over at SaabCentral but it is just a giant thread to read through although a lot of the info is on the first page. And a lot doesn’t apply since it’s geared towards Saab (even the 9-7x doesn’t apply, it’s under GM).

So you have a Tech2 scan tool but a lot of the things you would like to do is locked out because you don’t have access to the computer software to allow you to do it. Things like updating PCM’s and modules and anything security related are locked out. If you bought one of the Tech2 clone, it probably came with a CD with the Tis2000 software. If you install it and try to use it, it says that it can’t find the USB security dongle or something like that. That’s because only dealers have those or a clone of one wasn’t included.

First of all, this is old software. It was discontinued in 2008 by GM which means that it works only for vehicles up to model year 2007. It will have PCM and module updates included. For example, I was able to update all of the modules and PCM in my 2006 9-7x even though it had only been a year or two since production and issue of this software. It will also allow you to reprogram a module that you are replacing.

The Tech2 communicates with the computer using a serial port on the computer running Windows XP SP3. This can be a problem if you only have newer computers. Best and easiest scenario is to use an older laptop computer that has a serial port running windows XP. In my setup, I used an old IBM T40 laptop, which is fairly decent processor wise, installed a fresh copy of Windows XP SP3 and used a docking station with it that has a serial port. Laptops that have actual serial ports built in are probably so old that they are too slow or have age and reliability issues. Another solution would be to get a USB to serial port adapter and specify the proper COM port number during the install of Tis2000.

Another possible solution would be to use a virtual environment on a host computer. VMWare is free to use and it has been done from what I read but could be a fairly involved process because of the serial port issue, especially when using a USB to serial adapter. The challenge of communicating from the virtual environment through the real computer’s hardware ports can make it difficult but can be done. I’m not going to discuss this type of installation but the basic software installation and use will be the same. If anyone gets a virtual install working, please post it up.

In some detail, this is what I did. Keep in mind that you should have some computer knowledge and know how to install Windows.

1. Installed a fresh copy of Windows XP SP3. I didn’t bother with updating anything else as far as security updates to Windows or install a virus scan because this computer will never be connected to the Internet or used for anything else.

2. Installed ALL the required drivers until there were no more yellow check marks in Device Manager. I failed to do this at first and caused a lot of headaches later, including a BSOD during software installation.

3. If you’re using a USB to serial adapter, plug it in now and set it up. Go into Device Manager and make note of the COM port used by the adapter.

3. Install the Tis2000 software from the CD included with the Tech2. During the install, it will ask you to specify the COM port. If you have a serial port on the computer, it’s probably COM 1 or use the one from the USB adapter.

4. Before you can use Tis2000 with your Tech2, you have to make it “think” that there is a dongle connected that authorizes it. You can download the crack below. Follow the read me file for instructions on how to use it.

That’s it. More threads will come explaining how to do stuff with it but this will get you going.

And if you need them:

TIS2000 Software with Dongle (this is what i’m using)

When you click on the links, they will bring you to 4Shared, click on “Free Download”, a little window will pop up asking to log in using either a social media account or sign up for an account. Sign up with an email and password and then create a name. After that, you will be brought back to the download page and the 60 second timer will count down, after which the download will start.

Warning: In Tis2000, whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE “SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD” BUTTON! This will retrograde the card in your Tech2 to an old version from 2008.

If you want a tested version to use with relief:


Where to download 2016 VAUX-COM software for Opcom with real PIC18f458?

Hello bro, i found important information when did search on MH forum. Someone made update Opcom 2016 pro version !!!! share it again here. Hope it helps

Look here..











Cars up to 2016. Corsa E, Mokka, Karl, Adam, etc.

Languages: English and German!!!

Firmware 1.64 and it work just with real pic18f458 OP COM

do not tested with fake pic18f458 (pcb V6.0)

opcom-firmware-16 opcom-firmware-164-real-pc(1)

Good version, working perfect on pcb with Mikrochip processor.

Real year 2016 full version

Tested on cars

Note: all above is shared via

You can go there for more details

Note: In reality, not only Opcom 1.64 but firmware 1.59/1.65/1.70/1.95 comes with the real chip.

Look here: OP-COM with real pic18f458:

Opcom Firmware V1.95

Opcom Firmware V1.65

GM MDI clone works with Ford IDS: Possible

Does anyone know if my clone GM MDI interface will work with Ford IDS software without limitations?
Also is there anyway to convert my MDI to a VCM II by flashing it? They seem to be very similar.
Possible but not easy…Requires editing of the Dynamic link libary files and more.
i have had MDI Working with it for a long time for personal use
Since version it is easier than say 96.01 becuase when they changed things to block clones in this version, they basically changed the file stucture to that of an MDI.
but whats the point with tools like vxdiag vcx nano flying about for around the £50.00 mark using the same process as i talk about ….they are good working tools for little money that can be thrown away when blocked or damaged and repurchased… would need to buy a lot of these buy the time you bought an original VCMII
let me give you an example…with licensed ford ids and clone VCM-II , You are still blocked from server….with genuine VCM-II and good keygened software thing still work 100%…YOU CAN CHECK THIS NOT IN IDS But in ETIS.
the main thing dealer sites look for is genuine hardware but sometimes genuine serial in clone tool is not enough, example JLR SDD
after many years of messing about with this sort of stuff i can honestly say the way to go is…Genuine tools with Genuine software, which is out of most people like you and me’s reach so 2nd to that is genuine tools with GOOD modified software that works in the real world….Some clones work well and are reliable like Vas5054a, Lexia interface...renault can clip.icom a2‘s….sdconnect….interface of good quality…..but when i spend a lot of money on tools i want them to work , software i can always sort myself so i try to buy genuine hw for personal use , way less problems this way…..long winded post i know but i thought i would share my thoughts in general …..Kind Regards
Credits to the contributor from

VXDIAG VCX NANO or VCM2 (Thread from Mhhauto)

VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford or VCM2 What is better when i will program other ECUs to Ford?

ECU or Gearbox ECU, …

Stelaras: vcm2 for sureee

Braicarsa: VCM2 is gooood

Eddz: Stay well away from Vxdiag. It is china developed tool that they claim works better than anything else, but in real life if you encounter a problem there will be no support because there simply is no information about this magic tool.

Be warned because nobody will help you if you get in trouble while using this crap

ivica21: Vxdiag for reprogramming is slower than VCM2.For diagnostic is the same.But for new software is Vxdiag better because (black list)only if you have VCM2 with not blacklisted serial.

Kim1980: VCM2 SP177-C1 is talked a lottttt in this forum

saying it’s the best clone unit

Atmel: Clone vcm2 also has good quality, i not saying ebay or Alibaba. good quality Ford VCM from china works just like original, there is some good quality benz and BMW units out there, vag com and VCP for vag. Honda HDS interface is very cheap from china and latest software can be found online and works great never failed me…

Bersch: I used the link from Kim1980 above and bought the SP177-C1

The inner board seems good… upload photos…

vcm2-sp177-c1-pcb-2(1) vcm2-sp177-c1-pcb-3 vcm2-sp177-c1-pcb-4


Why SP177-C1 is the best VCM2:

Where to buy VCM2 SP177C or SP177C1:

VCM2 Reviews: