Tech2win + Tech2 Opel PCMCIAV123-V182 Download FREE

Free download Tech2win + Tech2 Opel PCMCIA V182 V161 V160 V159 V158 V157 V152 V137 V124 V123 multi-language (English, Spanish, German,)


NO ONE BUT YOURSELF HAVE TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITY OF TECH2 BIN FILES & TECH2WIN BIN FILES BELOW: free, but not tested by professionals!!!!!!! unknown security and perhaps high risk sometimes!!!


Opel 161.002.rar (free, try on your own rsik)

Opel160.000 EN

Cadillac 117.500

Cadillac BLS 120.000

China-1 29.002

Isuzu truck 11_530 1996-2011

Isuzu truck 11_530

ISUZU Truck CAN 122_050


suzuki 29.003 eng



Opel vauxall v159 English

Opel Tech2Win 158.000

Opel tech2win 157

Tech2win PCMCIA Opel 152 Russian 

Opel vauxall 152.00 Spanish.rar

Opel 137.000

isuzu 107.021

nao 32.08

opel 137.000

saab 148.000

suzuki 28.007

Tech2Win version1.301

Opel – Vauxhall 124.000 English.rar

NAO 30.007 English.rar

NAO 30.007 German.rar

nao 31.011.rar

Opel – Vauxhall 123.000 German.rar

Opel – Vauxhall bin file Version 123.000 multi-language

Password for ALL:Patrian Automotive Industries

Good news for you!!!!!!! You have tested tech2 bin files, use with security!!

Tech2 + Tech2win:100% working

Tech2Win PCMCIA 32GB Card Bin Files: 100% working

software includes:

Tech2Win GM      English 32.007

Tech2Win SAAB    English 148

Tech2Win OPEL    English 180 (Cars from 1997-2014)

Tech2Win Holden   English 149 (Cars from 1999-2013)

Tech2Win SUZUKI  English  01.210.020

Tech2Win ISUZU    English  K line 11.53;

Tech2Win ISUZU    English  CAN line 107.021


GM-English 33.004 1991-2013

GM-Germany 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Spanish 31.007 1991-2013

GM-French 32.007 1991-2013

GM-Portuguese 32.007 1991-2013

update to V180

OPEL-English 173,000 1997-2014

OPEL-Italian 133.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Germany 85.001 1997-2014

OPEL-Spanish 91.001 1997-2014


SUZUKI-English 01.210.020


SAAB-English 148,000


ISUZU CAN BUS-English 107.021 2006 to 2010

ISUZU-K-line is for ISUZU from 1998 to 2011


Holden-English 149,000 1999-2013

For 12V CARs only (no trucks)!!!

Diagnostics: cars from 1991 to 2013

Programming with TIS2000: cars before the 2007 year

(You are taking risk when programming a car, so it’s 100% necessary to use a 100% working softwareTIS2000. For software untested, forget it. HIGH RISK!!!!!!!!!)


(solved) VCM2 clone Ford super duty F250 error “PCM is unrecognized”

Happy to share something of my VCM2 clone with my Ford super duty F250 6.7 diesel 2011.
When i connect the VCM up to my truck i get this error message:
The unique PCM identifier is unrecognized
Verify that the latest CD has been loaded onto the diagnostic tester.
Where supported, update the diagnostic tester with the lasted calibration files from
Non-North American Ford and Mazda technicians should contact their local hotline.
My model: super duty truck 6.7 diesel, the2011 year model
What i tried
start new session, dont select anything— FAILED
Use a never version of ids— FAILED
im using hanson2000’s vmware IDS 101.04 or 05
it’s a clone issue some are blacklisted especially on the never v. Of ids.
It worked!!!IDS v86.01 in vmware with c81 calibration. It let me connect to my 6.7 diesel 2011 super duty!! I was able to turn on regen and reset my tire and axle ratio!!!
Thanks thanks thanks!! To all in the MH community!

2017 Kess V2 5.017 No Wake Up Error

Usually, you have Wake Up Error with old Kess V2, esp. Kess firmware 3.099. But now, new kess v2 programmers hardly ever pop up “Wake Up Error” when reading kess software number.

Kess v2 without Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 5.017 (so far, no)

Kess with Wake Up Error:

Kess v2 4.036 (sometimes)

Kess with Wake Up Error:

Here is an awesome write-up of “Wake Up Error” solutions:

– Here are the files for Kess SD or TF card. Just reformat your card and copy the files onto it.

– Sometimes wake up error doesn’t mean your tool has problem, i use Kess original. when the ECU was tuned and locked. it will show wake up error too …

Please be specific what car, ECU you working with. its difficult to tell whats wrong here …

– Maybe conflict in drivers if you have other tools on your pc, try to remove other drivers,and reinstall only kess drivers, have work for me one time

– Firstly try installing genuine software 2.20 will be fine, once installed then un-install it! Use your software (no point going past 2.08/2.11) if it still gives wake error try removing battery in vehicle for 30 mins and try again, or in ‘tools’ slow the read speed down to minimum! if still no joy just take it out and do it on the bench!

* all above are customer solutions (credits to all contributors); no one but yourself should hold responsibility of what you’ll try.

* if all solutions don’t work for you, please go to (credits to professionals working for


When Xprog Unknown command. Software error,how to do

Xprog error: Unknown command. Software error

Solution: exchange your Xprog CPU with a new chip

Xprog-Unknown-command-(1) Xprog-Unknown-command-(2) Xprog-Unknown-command-(3) Xprog-Unknown-command-(4) Xprog-Unknown-command-(5)

Tools you need:

A working Xprog-m programmer

A high-quality Atmega64 repair chip

Note: you need different Atmega64 repair chips for different xprog versions you wanna update to.

The chip for the newest Xprog v5.70 and v5.60 is not available now.

It can be got with Xprog programmers only!

Xprog v5.70 here:


Clone KESSV5.017 Review: OBD, K-line, CAN R/W ok

I have the kess 5.017 interface, very fast shipping by DHL after 3 days It’s very easy to install, just click: Next to go on, then it can works well!!!In app it show 5.017 version

I tested for this moment


Berlingo 9HXonly readID from engineand works ok

PSA Bosch EDC 16: read ok

Skoda Octavia 1.9 AXR EDC15: read ok

BMW EDC17CP02: OBD write ok

BMW EDC15: OBD read/write ok

Ford Mondeo SID206: read/write ok

K-line and CAN both OK

VW EDC17CP14: read/writewith tricore module

200Sprinters with Edc16:no issues


Works well

I also confirmed some features, as they stated:

  1. KESS V5.017 can support car/truck/tractor/Bike…support both 12V and 24V vehicle..and newer vehicles
    2.KESS V5.017 has no token limited for all compatible vehicles
    3.KESS V5.017 has no grey protocols ..full protocols such as EDC17/k-line/DSG/DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox/ST10….
    4.KESS V5.017 read and write ECUs via OBD easily, Do not need to disassemble ECU…more user-friendly than KTAG V7.020
    5. KESS V5.017 do connect internet…Online need disable the network connectionon purpose before use

All in all,

It works well and it is a cheap Clone in China.If people want to rework, they can buy some Murata Filters.

You can see pcb,there is no Murata Filters in our kess 5.017 from …..There is no need if all of our kess v2 5.017 works well.




Attach kess 5.017 pcb rework.. wish it helps. I haven’t tried on any real car or ecu for now, but seem to work.It’s shared on a forum..just copy… good luck if you wanna have a try

Before rework






Worked with the software



Allscanner VXdiag multi diagnostic tool Feedback

Hello guys,I do a review on the Allscanner VXdiag multi diagnostic tool (Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR/Toyota/Subaru).

I own one of them with licence for Ford/Mazda/Honda/JLR.

VXDIAG multi diagnostic tool Ford/Mazda

I’ve been having problems using it with Ford/Mazda IDS at first but now I’ve come to a point where I succeed using it for programming Ford/Mazda cars.

To be honest… that’s the only function I was looking for…. Programming or reprogramming Ford/Mazda modules but I had honda & JLR licence for 10$ extra so I went for it, but Honda HDS software that works with it is very old… (3.014…useless) and I feel safer to run JLR with my cardaq+


I think that’s the main reason I wasn’t able to program module with it… now that I only use VCM2 driver, it’s working.

I’m making a list of the functions I tried and the result of these tests.

2005 Ford Five Hundred (3L)Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)

GEM module reprogramming – SUCCESS

2008 Mazda 3 (2L)Mazda IDS 103.02

PCM module reprogramming – SUCCESS

2007 Ford Expedition (5.4L)Ford IDS 101.4 (VM)

DSCM module installation (PMI) – SUCCESS

LTM Liftgate/trunk module reprogramming – SUCCESS

PCM module reprogramming – FAILED (had to use FMP)

Edit : Allscanner confirmed the problem with 5.4 engine



R270 read/write BMW CAS EWS 9S12 (Wiring Diagram)

R270 BDM programmer manual: How to use read/write BMW CAS/EWS 9S12family.

These are connections for Motorola 9s12 family…for those who prefer colours rather than numbers…





GREEN = PE7 / xclks

R260         –        R270

Black        –        26

Red –        1

Yellow     –        7

Purple     –        19

XCLKS      –        5


White      –        8

Black        –        24

R260/R270 programmer can read/write BMW CAS 9S12 and EWS49S12:

  • BMW 1,3,5,6,X5 Series CAS3 Black (MC9S12X)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-1
  • BMW 1,3,5,6 Series CAS3 Black (MC9S12)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-2
  • BMW 1,3,5,6 Series CAS2 White (MC9S12)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-3 r270-r260-read-9S12-family-4 r270-r260-read-9S12-family-5 r270-r260-read-9S12-family-6
  • BMW 7 Series CAS 2002 (9S12)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-7 r270-r260-read-9S12-family-8
  • BMW 7 Series CAS 2005-up (9S12)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-9
  • BMW X3/X5 EWS4 (MC9S12)
  • r270-r260-read-9S12-family-10 r270-r260-read-9S12-family-11

Also R270 BDM programmer work perfect with 9S12 below:

  • Ford Mustang 2007 (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes A-Class 2004 Key Module (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes C/CLK C209 ZGW (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes E/C W211 Key Module (HC12)
  • Mercedes E/C/CLK/SLK W211 Key Module (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes ML/R W164 Key Module (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes S/SL EZS R230 (MC9S12)
  • Mercedes Sprinter EZS (MC9S12)
  • Mini One/Cooper Dashboard (HC12)
  • Mini One/Cooper EWS4 (MC9S12)
  • Mini One/Cooper CAS3 Black (MC9S12X)
  • Volkswagen Crafter EZS (MC9S12)



Vxdiag Vcx Nano Mazda IDS 106 Download Free

Free download Mazda IDS v106 software to work with Vxdiag Vcx Nano Mazda:

Password: r5oi

Released by Allscanner Vxdiag Vcx Nano

Allscanner Vxdiag Vcx Nano Mazda

Mazda IDS 106.00 download free on Mega:IDS 106.00!qgYzRSqR!wRrh4jDELcFVG2YISV6P-_nFKpJKgDChyqo2H-rEGmE

IDS 106.02!2t5CADKR!dfjtRV2_yC4TFtZkaBXPx_rku3ejY5K97Cz_tVgLyQU

No pass

Shared by SCOTT via the MHH forum

How to setup Vxdiag Vcx Nano Mazda IDS 106:

How to install Mazda IDS 106 for Vxdiag Vcx Nano:

Install M-IDS, install latest VCX Manger, update the firmware and your good to go.

Why Mazda IDS 106 say it’s 105 version:

You may get that error that installed version is not 106.00 … and even when you run the 106.00 installation again … it says it’s 105.06A.

Just edit reg to match the one your trying to install.

Then it should install.

VAG diagnostic tools: VAS 6154 china clone vs VAS 6154A genuine



VAS 6154 china clone:

VAS 6154 best price: US$119.00

Cloned VAS 6154 in UK:


VAS 6154 genuine:

VAS 6154 ebay: US $2,591.70

vas-6154-original-1 vas-6154-original-2 vas-6154-original-3 vas-6154-original-4 vas-6154-original-5


What is VAS 6154:


This VAS 6154 Interface is the latest interface for the diagnostic and programming applications VAG ODIS-S (Service) and ODIS-E (Engineering),it replaces the VAS 5054A.
Available for Off-board Diagnostic Information Engineering from version 6.2 onward and Off-board Diagnostic Information Service from version 3.0.3 onward.
The VAS 6154 can be used with all VW Audi Seat Skoda Bentley Lamborghini vehicles from 2000 onward including NEW & FUTURE MODLES under production.

The diagnosis interface VAS 6154 with wireless network technology supersedes remote diagnosis head VAS 5054A and diagnosis interface VAS 5055. It makes wireless transmission of data possible from the interface in the vehicle to the diagnosis unit.

If a wireless connection is not possible/permissible, the USB module is used, which guarantees a reliable wired data transmission to the diagnosis unit.

VAS6154 Infrastructure mode: 

In infrastructure mode, several network-capable devices can be connected together (network subscribers).
For a wireless network, a WLAN access point is required. This access point forms the connection to WLAN-ready subscribers.

VAS6154 point-to-point connection:

With point-to-point connection via a wireless network, VAS 6154 creates a radio network. VAS 6154 thereby adopts the role of a radio access point (Access Point). A direct connection is made between the diagnosis unit and the diagnosis interface VAS 6154.
VAS 6154 is configured using the web-based user interface.

VAS6154 Design and features:

VAS 6154 china clone interface comes with inner boards updated & improved a lot.

There are two 6154 versions: one with wireless network & USB modules and the other without wireless network module (the wireless network module can be retrofitted at any time provided national regulations permit).

Radio registration verified for the following countries:


VAS6154 ODIS 4.13 Language Available:

English, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, Danish, German, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech,
Russian, Greek, Chinese

VAS6154 ODIS 4.13 New Functions:


– Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.
– Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view,
used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used and submissions of support requests
– The measured value display has been improved.
– Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.
– One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.
– GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.
– Danger messages have been revised.
– Stopping of diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.
– Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.
– Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.
– ODIS Service Software update has been stabilized.

VAS6154 Technical data:

Dimensions: approx. 136x48x25mm
Weight: approx. 150g
Power supply: 8-18V via vehicle connector
Output: approx. 5W
Temperature range: Storage -20°C to +85°C, operation -20°C to +40°C
PC interface (wired): USB 2.0 High Speed, 480 Mbit/s or Fast Ethernet, 100Mbit/s (via LAN module)
PC interfaces (wireless): WLAN 802.11 ab/b/g/n 2T2R 300 Mbit/s Client Mode (WPA2 EAP-TLS, WPA2 PSK)
AP mode (WPA2 PSK)

Package Includes:

1pc x Diagnosis interface VAS 6154
1pc x USB cable


VVDI Prog vs Xprog-Box

Xhorse VVDI Prog and Xprog, which is better?

Type VVDI Prog Xprog
MC9S12DP crack Yes Yes
MC9S12XD crack Yes Yes
MC9S12XE crack Yes Yes
MC65HC(9)08 crack Yes No
CDC32XX crack Will be available Yes
M35080V3 erase encrypted sites Yes Yes
M35080V6 erase encrypted sites Yes Yes
080D0 erase encrypted sites Yes No
160D0 erase encrypted sites Yes No
24Cxx read/write Yes Yes
24Exx read/write Yes Yes
25Cxx read/write Yes Yes
25xxx read/write Yes Yes
95xxx read/write Yes Yes
95Pxx read/write Yes Yes
93Cx6 read/write Yes Yes
TC8910x read/write Yes Yes
MC965HC05 read/write Will be available Yes
MC9S12H read/write Yes Yes
MC9S12P read/write Yes Yes
MC9S12XH read/write Yes Yes
MC9S12XS read/write Yes Yes
ATMEGA read/write Yes Yes
XC236x read/write Yes Yes
MAC724x read/write Will be available Yes
AT89x5x read/write Will be available No
ATtiny read/write Will be available No
PIC read/write Yes No
RSF212xx read/write Yes No
M308xx read/write Yes No
uPD70F3xxx read/write Yes No
ST6xxx read/write Will be available No
ST10Fxxx read/write Yes No
STM8 read/write Yes No
STM32 read/write Will be available No
MSP430 read/write Will be available No
TMS37xxx read/write Will be available No

In summary,

Xprog is a good universal programmer for various chips and MCUs in automotive.

But if you can pay more, i suggest you to buy vvdi prog

Tip: VVDI PROG vs Xprog-m vs R270 vs Orange5 clone:

  1. faster to clear 35080, 080D0, 160D0 (within 10S)
  2. more stable than Xprog-m to read MC9S12 series chips
  3. faster to attack MC9S12series chips
  4. less error than Orang5 to read some EEPROM that Orange 5 fail to recognize
  5. with voltage attack function for use
  6. with CAN bus,K-Line for use

So, VVDI Prog should be the best solution for ECU programming.

It covers chips that Xprog supports, works with less error than Orange 5, has the function of r260+r270